Summer Walker Baby Age And Photos: Did The Singer Keep Her Child Malnourished?

You might be concerned regarding the malnutrition accusations of Summer Walker’s baby, aged just 2 months. Here is everything you need to know. 

Summer Walker is a 25-year-old American singer and songwriter who is widely known for her songs like Girls Need Love, White Tee, and more. 

Summer is always trending on the media because of her music, but she has not been seen positively on the web. 

Summer has recently given birth to a baby at the end of March 2021, and she has been criticized a lot for being a bad mother. 

Summer has posted pictures with her baby girl, and people claim that she seems very unnourished comparing how a 2 months baby should be. 

Summer Walker Baby Age

Summer Walker’s baby’s age appears to be around 2 months as of June 2021. 

However, Summer’s exact date of birth hasn’t been revealed yet.

According to a post by revolt TV on March 29, 2021, Summer had just welcomed her baby, meaning she was just born. 

Hence, she has just turned 2 months old in June 2021. 

Summer Walker Baby Name And Photos

Summer Walker and her partner London On Da Track, have not revealed the name of their baby yet. 

However, they have given a nickname to their daughter on Instagram, which is Princess Bubblegum. 

There were several photos of her on the Instagram handles of Summer and London On Da Track, but they have removed the majority of them after the recent case of suspected malnutrition. 

Also, in all those photos, they have not revealed her face. 

Did Summer Walker Keep Her Child Malnourished?

It has been highly rumored that Summer Walker has kept her 2-month-old infant malnourished. 

As per the pictures she previously posted, which are now deleted, her baby seems to be in a painful condition, and many people are criticizing it. 

People are commenting on all of Summer and her partner’s posts, saying that summer is mishandling the baby. 

Also, it has been reported that somebody had complained to CPS that she is keeping her newly born baby malnourished. 

She replied to all these, saying that she is not posting any pictures of her baby again and her nourishment is being looked after.