Th3linja is the twitch account which is a recently growing phase as it hasn’t even completed a thousand subscribers yet. The id is growing and streaming war games in his account which will be growing after the gameplay he is showing on a regular basis.

Furthermore, recently there is a challenge ongoing created by the online gaming streamer MrBeast which basically is the finger on the app challenge which was supposed to be fair and without any hacks but, Th3Linja used his robot with a combination of 3d printer that is used to play the game which was extra money prize pool. If you are willing to know more about the user then below are ten interesting facts about him.




10 Facts on Th3linja:

  1. Th3Linja is the Twitch streamer who is known for his gameplay in the video games and streaming then through his Twitch account.
  2. There is no information available about his birthday and his place of birth.
  3. We don’t have any clue so that we can assume his age 
  4. There is not even any identity about him available which is why we don’t have his real name and even his picture.
  5. Despite being popular for his work in the field of the gaming streaming he doesn’t seem to have a wiki-bio of his own.
  6. Talking about his net worth and salary, he might have already earned a fortune for his career but we don’t have hold to any information.
  7. He seems to be secretive about his family life which is why we don’t have any hold of the information about his parents and other members of the family
  8. Similarly, we don’t have any information about his personal life, like details about him dating or girlfriend.
  9. His Ig (Instagram) is currently not available.
  10. His twitch account is subscribed by nearly thousand users.