TikTok: Kodye Elyse Age, Height and Instagram: How Old Is kodyeelyse?

Kodye Elyse is a popular web star; she is mostly recognized as a TikTok Star. 

Kodye is popularly known as the member of the team named Queen Team in TikTok. The other member of the team is Jessie Serra. Both of the TikTok stars use the hashtag Queen Team on their official videos on TikTok. 

Elyse has described herself as the “CEO of Bad Moms” in her TikTok bio as well as in her Instagram bio. 

Quick Facts: TikTok: Kodye Elyse Age, Height and Instagram: How Old Is kodyeelyse?

NameKodye Elyse
Height5 feet 5 inches (approx)
ProfessionWeb Star
Children2 Daughters, 1 Son

10 Facts On Kodye Elyse

  1. TikTok: Kodye Elyse’s exact age is unknown but she seems to be in her mid-thirties or even younger than that. However, the web star has yet to reveal her exact birthday details. 
  2. Looking at Kodye Elyse’s pictures on social media, she seems to stand at a moderate height. Moreover, the TikTok personality has maintained a slim figure as well. But still, the exact measurements of her height, weight, and body measurements are unknown. 
  3. The TikTok star Kodye Elyse is not only popular in TikTok but also on Instagram. Her official Instagram account has amassed 60.7k followers to date with only 48 posts. 
  4. Now, coming to the TikTok star relationship details, Kodye doesn’t have a boyfriend for now. According to her bio on social media apps, she has described herself as single. 
  5. Elyse has three children. She has two daughters and a son. No info on her children’s father is known. Moreover, her bio has stated herself as a single mom, so we assume the children’s father is not supporting her to raise the kids.
  6. Kodye first gained fame from her TikTok videos. 
  7. Elyse’s TikTok account has gained about 2.1 million followers on her official account on TikTok. 
  8. The TikTok star comes from the United States, so she belongs to American nationality. 
  9. Elyse is friends with Jessie Serra. They both are members of the hashtag team named Queen Team. 
  10. Elyse is known for her creative content on TikTok and other social media platforms.