Tina Gonzalez Correctional Officer Instagram And Video- Who Is She? Everything To know

Ex-correctional officer Tina Gonzalez is sentenced to seven months in Fresno County jail for having a sexual relationship with an inmate. 

Tina Gonzalez is a 26-year-old former prison guard in Fresno County Jail. 

She was charged with having sexual relations with a jail inmate to provide material possession like cell phones. 

Tina’s former boss, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas, called her a depraved person in his statement. He said what Tina did was a heinous act and it put the lives of fellow staff members at risk. 

Furthermore, McComas said she showed no remorse for her actions. She even called some male inmates at the prison and had sexually explicit conversations with them. 

Tina faces a maximum of three years and eight months in prison. But, her defense attorney pressed that she was vulnerable due to her failed marriage at the time. 

Thus, as she had no previous criminal history, she was jailed for 7 months followed by two years of probation. 

Tina Gonzalez Correctional Officer Instagram And Video

Former prison guard Tina Gonzalez is not available on Instagram or any other social media handles at the time of publication. 

She may have deleted all of her social media accounts on account of maintaining her privacy. 

The news of a prison guard engaging in a sexual relationship with an inmate has caught the attention of all netizens. 

Further, Tina Gonzalez’s video from the court is private for now. 

Is Tina Gonzalez In Fresno Jail?

Tina Gonzalez is currently in Fresno County jail, the same prison where she was a correction officer. 

She will spend 210 days at the California jail.

The former prison guard was arrested after a staff member received a tip that an inmate received a cell phone and was involved in a sexual relationship with the correctional officer. 

She reportedly had s*x with the inmate in full view of 11 other inmates. 

The complaint was filed in 2019, but there was not enough evidence to take any action then. 

Tina resigned from the post following the investigation in 2019. 

However, on June 29, a judge sentenced Gonzalez to 7 months in jail and two years on probation.