TONESTER PAINTS TikTok: Sherwin-Williams Fired Tony Piloseno

Tony Piloseno, better known as Tonester Paints, is on news for getting fired from his job for posting numerous paint mixing videos online. He was an employee at Sherwin-Williams paint manufacturing company. A TikTok star, Piloseno has acquired 1.4 million followers on his TikTok account. After he started posting paint-mixing videos, his popularity soared massively. In general, his videos garner millions of views. 

A senior student at Ohio University, Piloseno used his social media platform to market the paint store to a wider audience. However, his efforts backfired and he was laid off from his job after his employers discovered his TikTok page. The company accused him of “gross misconduct”. He had been working at the store as a senior sales associate for the past three years. 

ProfessionTikTok Star, student
EducationOhio University
YoutubeTonester Paints

10 Facts on Tonester Paints

  1. The TikTok fame Tonester Paints recently got fired from Sherwin-Williams, a paint manufacturing company for filming the infamous “paint-mixing” videos during work hours. 
  2. His success as a TikTok star backfired as he got sacked from his job. He had acquired a large fanbase on his account just by posting videos of himself mixing paints. 
  3. A senior college student, Piloseno is probably in his early-20s. As of now, his real age remains anonymous. 
  4. Wikipedia has yet not featured him on its page. After the news broke out, he’s been making headline news on various sources.
  5. Besides TikTok, he’s equally popular on several other social media apps. On Instagram, he has accumulated 28.4 thousand followers so far.
  6. He has also created his own YouTube channel in which he continues sharing the paint-mixing videos. Since his channel is in its infancy stage, it just has acquired 542 subscribers as of now. 
  7. Many online users found the company’s decision to remove Piloseno from his job completely unfair. It almost started a media frenzy. 
  8. He was fired from the store in July 2020. 
  9. The uneventful incident didn’t dim his passion. Instead, he continues to mix paint at his friend’s basement. 
  10. In November 2020, he posted a video online explaining his side of the story as to why his employers had sacked him from his job.