Trinity Johnston

Trinity Johnston is an actress based in Texas, USA. She has worked in short films, movies, and TV series such as Death and Compromise, Fool’s Gold, The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke, and many others. 

She started acting from a young age and has already gained a lot of experience working with known people of Hollywood. She has also performed in theatre and has won various awards for her works. She has an outgoing personality through which she connects to people and has helped her gain a huge number of fans and followers. 

NameTrinity Johnston
Height5 Feet 3 Inches
YoutubeTrinity Johnston

10 Facts on Trinity Johnston

  1. Trinity Johnston was born in Texas, United States. Although she has not specified her birthday yet, she seems to be about 15 years old at the moment. 
  2. She made her TV debut through the TV series “The Catch” which was released in 2016. She worked in an episode of the series and the character of the French Girl. 
  3. She has taken acting classes and private coaching with people such as Dana Bowig, Thomas Garner, Marnie Cooper, Donsie Hardy, and many others. 
  4. Trinity is most active on her Instagram account “trinityjohnston123” which has 31.2K followers currently. 
  5. She started acting at the young age of five and has performed in plays such as Grease, Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garde, Into the Woods, and many more. 
  6. She also has a YouTube channel “Trinity Johnston” which as 1.41K subscribers. She mostly posts vlogs and other contents of her interests on this account. 
  7. As an actress who has worked on screen, on stage, and has a YouTube channel as well, Trinity Johnston‘s net worth must be a high amount. 
  8. Trinity Johnston does not have a boyfriend at the moment. However, she recently posted a video on her YouTube where she went on a date with her crush Julius. 
  9. She will be playing the role of Sally in the short film named “The Gluttony of 1952”. The release date for this film has not been announced yet. 
  10. Trinity Johnston does not have a Wikipedia profile yet.