Was Taylor Pomaski Found? Kevin Ware Girlfriend Went Missing

Taylor Pomaski has not been found yet after she went missing in April. The police have taken Kevin Ware into custody. Want to know what actually has happened? Keep reading.

Taylor is popularly known as the girlfriend of ex NFL player Kevin Ware. San Franciso 49erws tight end Kevin is 11 years older than her. 

Police found cocaine and guns in Kevin Ware’s car, who is believed to be Taylor’s boyfriend. She was last seen with him, as per the police records.

Is Taylor Pomaski Found?

Taylor is yet to be found.

Moreover, Taylor was last seen at a house party on Stallion Brooks Road in northwest Harris County. She was staying with her boyfriend based on some online sources.

Besides, she worked as an investigator at the Marker Group in Houston.

She actually dwells in Texas, the US. Hence, she holds an American nationality.

Her Age: How Old Is She?

Taylor Pomaski age is 29 years old.

But her actual date of birth is still under the table.  

Her family is quite worried about her. There are no updates so far. 

Whatsoever, Kevin’s mugshot is available on the web. You can take a look at it. 

Taylor Pomaski: Kevin Ware Girlfriend

Taylor is widely known as the girlfriend of Kevin Ware.

Kevin is a retired NFL player.

As per the reports from NY Post, Kevin has been arrested after the disappearance of his girlfriend for months. He is not cooperating with the police officers and trying to mislead the case. 

Discussing her family background, Pomaski is the oldest daughter of Steven Pomaski and Leslie Mandeville. 

Her mother filed a missing case on May 9, 2021, after not hearing from her. She was raised along with her 4 siblings, according to Conan Daily.

Taylor Pomaski Is Missing 

Taylor has been missing for more than a month. 

Additionally, Taylor’s parents are looking for her and asking for help. If you know anything about the girl, contact the nearby police stations.

There is no sign of Taylor’s death or murder which has given her family hope that her beloved daughter is alive.