Watch: Griffin Kinard Punching a Woman In A Subway – Reddit Video Is Viral

The video of a man named Griffin Kinard punching a woman in the subway has surfaced all over the web. Here is what you need to know about him. Well, the videos of people doing different things are always on the internet and different media platform.

While these videos are not mostly helpful to anyone, some videos do help to send a message to people about something terrible that has happened.

Recently, a video of a man punching a woman on her face inside a train is rising on the web and people are really upset seeing him use his hands that way.

Well, it does not look like there is any fault of the woman there which might have provoked him to do so. And, even if she had done something, violence is not an answer.

His identity is now public and people are eager to find out who the man is, including more details about his personal life.

Indeed, concerns regarding his video on Reddit and his identity are currently at the peak of the web and are gaining a lot of public attention.

Watch: Griffin Kinard Punching a Woman In A Subway – Reddit Video Is Viral

The man who punched w woman in her face is revealed to be Griffin Kinard.

The video is currently all over Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit where people have also discussed why the thing might have happened.

The video clearly shows them fighting over something when he suddenly punches the woman, whose identity is not revealed.

It is reported that Griffin was there with his kids and he was in a very bad mood, talking to the people using slang and in a very rude way.

In the clip, it is seen that she just asked him to take a chill pill and he punches her for saying that. There were many people on the subway who reacted after he punched her.

His identity was not revealed anywhere, but a user named Quinten Hinard commented saying that the man is their brother and his name and date f birth was mentioned there.

Griffin Kinard Age And Wikipedia: Where Is He From?

The age of the man, Griffin Kinard, who punched a woman in her face is 36 years old.

His age was revealed in the comment where it was posted that he was born on July 3, 1985, which makes him 36 years old now.

And, as he was seen in the New York Subway, it seems pretty obvious that he is a native of New York,

Talking about Wikipedia, he is not mentioned on the platform yet because he is not a renowned personality but just a common public man who did a crime by hitting a person in public.

And, there is currently no information available about him regarding his professional life or any other related matters.