What Did Yumi Stynes Say? Controversy Death Threats -Everything To Know

Yumi Stynes’s job as a morning show host was abruptly terminated as a result of the scandal. What Did Yumi Stynes Say?

Yumi Style is an Australian television and radio host. Yumi is both a podcaster and an author.

The radio personality co-hosts the KIIS FM radio show 3 PM Pick-Up. Stynes is also a host of the ABC Radio podcast Ladies We Need To Talk, discussing female health and sexuality.

The 46-year-old was born to a Japanese immigrant family in Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia, on June 2, 1975. Previously, the Australian-born presenter worked on The Circle, a morning television show.

She previously worked as a presenter on Channel V Australia and Max and hosted Sydney’s Mix 106.5 FM radio breakfast show. To date, the versatile woman has written and co-authored six books.

What Did Yumi Stynes Say?

Yumi Stynes has been involved in two previous controversies as a TV host. Yumi once made a joke about Victorian Cross recipient and renowned Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith.

According to the press, her statements regarding the Army veteran during The Circle in February 2012 enraged viewers. The presenter received death threats and lost his job as a result of it.

Similarly, during the morning program at Studio 10, Stynes became embroiled in yet another dispute. Kerri-Anne Kennerley, a fellow Studio 10 co-host, was accused of racism by the broadcaster.

During a discourse about the Invasion Day demonstration, Kerri mentioned sexual assault in Indigenous communities, which led to the incident. The 46-year-old was a guest host on the show, and his comment sparked yet another debate.

Yumi Stynes Partner

Currently, Yumi Stynes doesn’t have any partners.

Martin Bender, the 46-year-old, is her husband. In 2012, the couple tied the knot. The presenter was previously married to Ben Ely, with whom she shared two kids, Anouk and Dee Dee.

Ben is a rock band member and skilled musician. From 2000 through 2008, they were married.

On the internet, there isn’t a lot of information on her spouse Martin. Yumi’s Instagram, on the other hand, has images of the couple.

Yuni Stynes Net Worth

Yumi Stynes has a net worth of $300,000, according to networthpost. Yumi’s work as a TV and radio host has established her as a well-known figure.

The 46-year-old is also the anchor of ABC Radio’s Ladies We Need To Talk show. To date, Stynes has written and co-authored six books.