What Does LGBFJB Mean? Everything We Know About The Anti-Biden Acronym

What is LGBFJB, and what does it stand for? LGBFJB is a go-to word for fans who are bewildered by the meanings and origins.

Anyone familiar with online culture has seen the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ memes by now.

These memes have evolved to include acronyms such as LGBFJB as they continue to dominate the Twittersphere. But what does this latest addition to the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ reality mean?

What Does LGBFJB Mean?

The meaning of LBGFJB has several explanations and tones for expressing displeasure with the US president.

The three-term LGB is said to be inspired by Bryson Gray’s song “Let’s Go, Brandon.” The song has released on Deezer and I Tunes in 2021.

However, NASCAR driver Brandon Brown used the word while discussing his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity win earlier this month. ‘Let’s Go, Brandon,’ yell the fans in the crowd.

Regardless, the phrase was subsequently modified to LGBFJB, which indicated netizens’ displeasure with US Vice President Joe Biden.

‘Let’s Go, Brandon, F*** Joe Biden,’ is the full meaning of LGBFJB.

LGBFJB Origin And Popularity Discussed

The phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ originated with a viral video of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. Following his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity Series win earlier this month, Brown was interviewed by NBC.

The crowd behind Brandon Brown can be heard yelling ‘F*** Joe Biden’ during the post-race interview. In an attempt to defuse the situation, the NBC report indicated that the chant is ‘Let’s Go Grandon.’

After the video went viral, the saying “Let’s Go Brandon” has been used as a chant against US President Joe Biden.

LGBFJB Takes On A Slightly Different Meaning On Twitter

Even though the term is mostly used to indicate anti-Biden sentiment, it also has homosexual overtones.

Because the first three letters of LGB are also the first three letters of LGBTQIA+, it’s a joke on the queer community’s umbrella acronym.

The manner LGBFJB was shared on Twitter exemplifies this point. One user tweeted: ‘LGBFJB. I’m out. And I’m proud’. This was then followed by another tweet adding they are ‘as straight as straight gets, but still LGBFJB.