What Happened To DC Young Fly? Is He Still On Wild N Out ? Everything To Know

Is DC Young Fly Still On Wild N Out 2021? Here is everything you need to know about the popular actor, comedian, and internet sensation. 

John Whitfield, professionally known as DC Young Fly, is an American actor, comedian, host, rapper, and internet personality. 

DC is widely recognized for being a part of Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out where he has worked for several seasons. 

Apart from Wild N Out, he has many popular songs and a few prominent roles in different TV projects. 

Overall, he is a multitalented personality and people call him an allrounder. Also, his own comedy sessions are a popular part of his portfolio. 

Recently, with the controversy of quitting and restarting Wild N Out, many questions regarding DC and other hosts are rising on the web. 

Because of this, the personal life of SC Young FLy has also been a matter of public concern. 

Indeed, concerns regarding what happened to him and the show Wild N West are the primary concerns for a majority of people. 

For a show that is running for 16 seasons as of now, a sudden stop will definitely disappoint its fans. 

Talking about his personal life, DC is a father to 2 beautiful little girls and he has been with his partner Jacky Oh for quite some time now. 

Is DC Young Fly Still On Wild N Out 2021 Or Did He Leave?

DC Young Fly is still on Wild N Out in 2021, so no, he did not leave, 

Well, there are several complicated cases where DC young and his other co-hosts had nearly quit the show. 

However, now with the 16th season airing, we can see SC and other hosts are active as a part of WIld N West. 

Indeed, his Instagram feed is again filled with the details and information regarding the show. 

What Happened To DC Young Fly?

Initially, DC Young Fly and the other hosts of Wild N Out, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean, decided not to host the show. 

The primary reason for this was the fact that Nick Cannon was removed from the show. 

They claimed that they cannot do the show without Nick Cannon because he is the most important part of it. 

However, after many months of the initial decision, it has been reported that Nick Cannon is rehired. 

Well, after his rehiring, DC has not specifically said that he is back because Nick Cannon is getting back with the show. 

Still, we can analyze it ourselves because it seems pretty clear. With these debated ending, DC Young FLy is officially back in Wild And Out. 

He did decide on leaving because of the removal of Nick Cannon, but with his re-entry, DC also seems to be back in the show.