What Happened To Donj? What Did Donj 3205 Do? Arrest Update

Did Youtuber Donj get arrested? The viral mugshot turns out to be a prank and he was definitely not handcuffed.  Popular Candian YouTuber Troydan recently live-streamed a video captioned “Attempting to pay DONJ’S BAIL #FREEDONJ”. This led many people to speculate is Donj in prison? Turns out, the free Donj is actually a running joke of Torydan that started as a viral mugshot.

Did Donj Get Arrested? Viral Donj 3205 Mugshots

No, Donj did not get arrested. Donj is a popular Twitch and youtube creator, who grew into fame as an NBA 2k player. However, recent circulating news suggests that the social star was allegedly arrested. At first, the Free Dojn started trending on Twitter after YouTuber Troydan posted a picture that appeared to be Dojn 3205 mugshots. In the picture posted on June 8, 2021, the Youtuber was seen wearing an orange t-shirt with a white background. This is a typical mugshot of American prisoners. Shortly after, every person started commenting “Free Donj” on the post. The news went viral like crazy and people were wondering what happened? However, it appears that the post is actually a joke,

Is Donj 3205 In Jail?

No, Donj 3205 is not in jail. Apparently, the whole post is actually a prank. The news was confirmed by a Tiktoker name @imastoop__, who claims to be Donj’s cousin. @imastoop__ posted a Tiktok as “Ayo, famous celebrity check”. Then, he proceeded to facetime Donj to show he is actually free. Similarly, the mugshot was also fake. The picture was actually taken in a school’s bathroom stall door. But, Troydan cropped it to make it appear like a mugshot. Another Tiktoker commented that he goes to the same Marian Catholic high school as Donj. In fact, he revealed that the YouTuber is actually good and well behaved in the class.

Donj Age and Real Name

Donj real name is not disclosed, and he goes by Donj on every social platform. His Youtube account has amassed 36.2K subscribers. Likewise, his IG handle @donj_4 boasts over 30.6k followers. Donj at just 16 years aged has achieved vast online fame. He frequently streams on twitch as realdonj for his 16.4K followers. Furthermore, Donj adds decent fortune to his net worth from his streams. However, his actual bank balance details are not revealed. Apart from the internet, Donj is also a real hooper. As a fact, he plays basketball for his school team.