What Happens on January 12? 2028man On TikTok

What happens on January 12, 2021? This might be the trending topic on TikTok right now. A TikTok user with username @2028man (“The Messenger”) has claimed that more than 90 people of the world population will die by January 12 of next year. The more interesting this about this man is that he claimed that he is from the future (from 2028) and that’s why his name is 2028man. And he also mentioned that he is here to warn about it.

Well, this is not the first time we have heard about such a thing. Previously, in 2011 also there were rumors all over the world that in 2012 the whole world will be destroyed. And nothing happened because we ourselves are the living proof. So, the thing this man is talking about is complete nonsense and we should not believe it. If you’re curious know more about this story from this article.

What Happens on January 12 2021?

This date January 12 2021 has completely stuck in the mind of TikTok users and viewers because of this man @2028. The video he made is getting viral. And some people are believing it while some are trolling about it.

But seeing the things happening on this 2020, we cannot ignore the things this man is talking about. Already more than 500k people have died in 2020 because of Coronavirus, recently Mexico faced the 7.4 magnitude earthquake, locust attack on Africa, and other Asian countries and many other things have happened in a different part of the world. So far 2020 has been complete garbage for us.

Who is 2028man From TikTok?

Who is 2028man from TikTok? This is a big question on TikTok. He has claimed that he has come from the future (the year 2028) to warn about the terrible things that are going to happen. Actually, he mentioned through his video that about 90 percent or half of the world’s population dies on January 12, 2021.

Moreover, he said, “I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be here, it’s not really up to me. But for those of you who are listening, mark this date on your calendar: January 12, 2021. You’ll learn more about it soon,”. Is he for real? Or is it his strategy to get the limelight on social media with this false claim? Well, we cannot say anything about it until we get the proper information.

This man @2020man made his TikTok account just a few days ago. And within a few days, he has already gained over 209k followers and has more than 1 million of total likes. He has also made some other predictions like the winner of the 2020 election.

2028 Man TikTok Age

How old is 2028man? With what happens on January 12, 2021, video @28man man is getting viral and yet the personal information about him is not available. He has not shared anything about him besides claiming that he is from the year 2028. However, he seems pretty mature. So, he might be in his thirties.

2028 Man Instagram

Besides TikTok, @2028man doesn’t seem to be available on any other social media pages like Instagram and Twitter. But his video on what happens on January 12 2021 is getting so many views that some people are believing it and are also tweeting about it on twitter.

After 2028man, a new user with a name @2029man came with his own claims. But this @2029man is a complete troll and is making fun of @2028man. Check out this tweet.

For sure these guys @2028man and @2029man are not from the future and they are just playing with our mind with their nonsense claims. Nothing will happen on January 12, 2021.