What Is Quando Rondo Girlfriend Age? Find Her on Instagram

Rapper Quando Rondo has a new girlfriend, Kiiyah, who is very much younger than him.

Quando is dating an Atlanta high school student and is presently under fire from fans who are upset about her age.

He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who started his career with his song I Remember featuring Lil Baby in January 2018.

He has been posting pictures with his new girlfriend on social media, and fans claim she’s a high school senior.

What Is Quando Rondo Girlfriend Age?

Quando Rondo’s girlfriend Kiiyah is 18 years old. She is a high school senior student in Atlanta.

Kiiyah must have been born around the year 2003 as she just celebrated her birthday days ago.

The couple can be seen in Quando’s Instagram post hanging and chilling out together.

Kiiyah announced that the two were dating a few days ago, shortly after her 18th birthday. So she must be October born with her zodiac sign may be Libra.

We can surely guess she was waiting for her big day to reveal who her boyfriend was finally.

The controversy about his new partner has appeared, and fans are not happy with him going public with the high school senior.

The rapper has shared several pictures with his new partner and is already under media scrutiny for dating, given the fact that she may be underage.

Most people are not happy about the relationship. Some of Quando’s fans think it’s a bit creepy for a 22-year-old to be dating a girl who’s still in high school.

Find Quando Rondo Girlfriend on Instagram

Quando Rondo’s girlfriend is available on the Instagram page under the handle name @kii.yaaah.

Kiiyah has over 61 thousand followers on her account. She has usually uploaded images on her Instagram account, but she shared a tale with a friend and a child.

She might not be working yet, considering she is in school. She may work as a part-timer somewhere where she can manage her school and work along the way.

While Quando can be seen in his official verified IG account @quando_rondo, he majorly posts pictures and videos related to his career. He acts very professionally when it comes to his music.

The rapper has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Jai Doll.

His daughter has an IG page under the name @italynaomi_. The young celebrity child has already had 109 thousand followers on her page.

On her IG, her bio states I’m The Princess Of All Princesses.

Quando and Jai Doll were separated in 2019, but they helped each other raise their daughter together.

Jai works as an Entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador, according to her Insta bio. She also has a cosmetic line, Beauty Plug Collection where she sells lashes, hair extensions, foundations, and other cosmetics.