What Is The Food Dance Tiktok Song? Moreart Song Lyrics Explained

The viral and trendy Food Dance TikTok song is a Russian rap song by Moreart. Find more details on the trend in this article.

The viral hand gestures and moves throwing dance on the Russian rap beats after eating a piece of one’s self-cooked recipe has been causing a trendy stir in the TikTok platform.

The users have been dancing to the aloof song with no visibly coherent lyrics of the English tongue and then sharing tons of such videos for views.

Lately, even a large sum of money prize was allocated for the best content creator on this TikTok trend, and people have been rushing in to take in the money prize.

The song by Moreart named as ‘я буду ебать’ has been the hit song choice of this week following the upshots of the newly inherited trend.

What Is The Food Dance Tiktok Song?

The famous song behind the Food Dance trend is a Russian rap song by Moreart called ‘я буду ебать,’ which also has seen a rapid upsurge in viewership and Spotify streaming post that trend inheritance.

The song has now been climbing up the exotic rap songs list in the Stated post the pickup trend.

The trend was preceded by another Hot-Sauce trend featuring the same song that led the artist to climb higher tiers in the followers list.

Canadian chef and pro-Tiktoker John McGinnis went viral in September after his subway sandwich video was viewed and became the talk of the beb town.

That viral post added nearly 5.7 million followers to John’s TikTok profile, and his original video surpassed 100 million views in just one half a month time frame.

Other viewers who remained neutral to the trend have stated their grave disappointment of naive children and elderly population dancing to such sland absurd lyrics, while some state the friendship lyrical hints are strong and nonsadronic.

Well, viewers have many things to settle, and as of now, people are ready to cope with the challenge and bag themselves some really good rewards.

Moreart Song Lyrics Explained

The main hook lyrics on the trend is a groovy part of the actual song that goes, “I will be there, oooh, I will be there, ooh ooh I will be there, oooh, I will be there, ooh ooh You and I do not need anyone, I do not see anyone.”

That hook follows another cold section as “Eveything in the world does not matter to me, except for one friend.”

The slur lyrics post the hook kicks off with the lines “I will f**k and scult the content, I will finish off as if gangbeng, All gonna understand my style and the end line of rant like I wil f**k like tenge dollars.”

Tiktok Food Dance Trend

Tiktok Food Trend has its pros and cons.

While some may find it cringy for people to dance weirdly while eating in a public place, some state that the individual originality has been continued, and that’s more important than some fake public imagery.

The Hot Sauce Trend, the Brocolli trend, The Pizza Trend, and the recent Moreart trend have also been sponsored by some big names to excite their new releases and then earn streams via the song prioritization.