Where Is Elizabeth Ragsdale Now? Simon Monjack Fiance and Child Photos

Who is Elizabeth Ragsdale? She has spilled the tea how Simon Monjack lied and abandoned her while she was pregnant. 

Elizabeth Ragsdale caught the netizen’s eye after she linked with deceased Simon Monjack, who was a prominent American screenwriter.

As per the Sun, Elizabeth revealed that Simon was a man with a roving eye. She said to The People, he lied about his identity, and she trusted him blindly. They dated for a while and stayed in a livin-relationship, and as a result, she got pregnant.

Many of you might not know, Simon’s wife Brittany Murphy passed away due to a cardiac attack in her apartment. She reportedly collapsed in the bathroom and was rushed to the hospital. It was unexpected for the fans and her family.

Here is everything you want to learn. Stay with us without further ado.

Elizabeth Ragsdale Is The Former Fiancee Of Deceased Simon Monjack

Elizabeth is the late Simon Monjack’s former fiancee. She runs a little studio in New York, reported by the source.

Talking about Simon’s married life, he tied the knot with Brittany Murphy in a private Jewish ceremony in LA. She was a famous American actress and singer born in Atlanta.

Though she expired at aged 32 in 2009, the media is still talking and investigating her life and death. We can see Murphy’s tragic death documentary with conspiracies theories on the new HBO Max documentary.

Elizabeth never married Simon. Soon after they dated, they got engaged and moved to New York to stay with him during her pregnancy. But Simon insisted Ragsdale give birth in the US.

Is Elizabeth Ragsdale Photos Exposed Or Leaked?

Nope, we hardly find any photos of Elizabeth Ragsdale on social media. In short, her picture is yet to expose.

Perhaps, she wants to stay away from the limelight and the media’s scrutiny.

Very little information is released about Elizabeth at this time. The solid information is that she was engaged to Simon, and he abandoned her while she was pregnant.

Where is Elizabeth Ragsdale today? Well, when she was pregnant, she moved to New York to stay with her then-fiancee Simon. Probably, she is living her life independently.

Nevertheless, her age and family details are out of sight now. We’re keeping an eye on this matter.

Did Simon Monjack Have A Child With Elizabeth Ragsdale?

Yes, Simon has two secret children from two different women. Elizabeth confirmed that she was pregnant with Simon’s baby.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth has no official Wikipedia page as she is not a public figure. No worries, her mini-bio is available right here with a piece of detailed information.