Who Are Amália and Amanda Alves? Twin Sisters Shot Dead In Instagram Livestream Video

Who are Amália and Amanda Alves? The 18-year-old twin sisters were shot dead on Instagram live steam in Brazil. 

The horrible news of two sisters, Amália and Amanda Alves, is currently making headlines. 

The twin sisters were shot dead on the side of the road in Brazil. Their execution was live-streamed on Instagram. 

Police have arrested a 17-year-old Mateus Abreu on the suspicion of the sisters’ murder. 

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Who Are Amália and Amanda Alves?

Amália and Amanda Alves are twin sisters who hail from Brazil. 

The twin sisters met with an unfortunate end when they were killed brutally on the side of a road behind a property complex in Pacajus. 

The Alves were killed because they apparently know too much about a drug deal. 

The video of the horrific execution has since been viewed thousands of times. The sisters were forced to kneel down and hold their hair up in a bun before being shot in the head. 

Amália and Amanda Alves Age And Parents 

Amália and Amanda Alves age were 18 years old. 

As of now, any information about their parents and family is not available.

However, both of the sisters were mothers. Amanda has a 3-year-old daughter, while Amalia’s son is only six months old. 

Amália and Amanda Alves Video- Sisters Shot Dead On Livestream

A 17-year-old boy, Mateus Abreu, is arrested on the suspicion of murdering the Alves sisters. 

After firing the first two shots at the back of the sister’s heads, Abreu allegedly fired two more shots at one of the sisters. Subsequently, he shot four more times at the other sister. 

Amália and Amanda Alves’ bodies were found a few hours later on the road. The suspect was arrested by the Ceara Civil Police. 

Moreover, Mateus has been arrested seven times in the past for illegal possession of a gun, theft, and intentional bodily injury in 2020 and 2021.