Island Boys Twins Age Real Name and Wiki Explored

The ‘Island Boys’ are 20 years old South Florida fraternal twins who rose to prominence on TikTok for a song they freestyled in a swimming pool.

“Because I’m an island boy, and I’ve been trying to make it / Oh, I’m an island boy / Ayy, I’ma just island boy, I’ma just island boy,” the song goes, referring to the band’s title.

Their online aliases are Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, while their real names are Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. Franky is Kodiyakredd’s real name, while Alex is Flyysoulja’s.

The lads said that they are of Cuban descent, which inspired their song.

The guys have published several songs on their YouTube channel, ‘Big Bag Ent,’ which has approximately 36,000 followers as of the writing of this story.

Franky and Alex have a turbulent history and have acknowledged getting in problems with the police several times as children.

Island Boys Girlfriend: Are the Twins dating Someone?

It’s unclear whether each male is currently in a relationship, although they’ve both been seen posing with girls on their Instagram pages.

Alex captioned a snapshot of himself on the beach with his arms around a female in October 2021, “My soulmate bby.”

Her Twitter handle is @toxiicfaiiry, and she has an account on Onlyfans, but nothing more is known about her.

In the same month, Franky shared an Instagram photo with a girl who goes by the handle @itsmontiibabii.

She only has two postings on her Instagram profile, one of which is a photo of her with Franky, yet she has 113,000 followers to publish this story.

In September 2021, one of Franky’s first Instagram posts was a video of him loving and snuggling up to her.