Who Are Oliver Daemen Parents? Meet His Father Joes Daemen And Mother Eline Daemen Dekker

Born in a successful family to his parents, father Joes Daemen, and mother Eline Daemen Dekker, the young teenager Oliver Daemen is becoming the youngest person to travel to space. 

Oliver Daemen is a young man from the Netherlands who is currently slaying on the media after the news of his upcoming space travel.

Oliver is soon going to space with Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos as a commercial passenger.

Since he is the son of a multi-millionaire businessman from the Netherlands, he was successful to win an auction with over $28 million, as a ticket price.

Also, going to space at such a young age is a dream for many, so Oliver has become the new internet sensation.

Moreover, the netizens and general public seem very eager to find out more about his parents and other related details.


Who Are Oliver Daemen Parents?

Oliver Daemen’s parents are his father Joes Daemen and his mother Eline Daemen Dekker.

Both of his parents are renowned personalities in the Netherlands and are known for their real estate business.

Regarding them together, there is not much information on when they got married or how they met.

However, it does looks like they have been together for over 2 decades now.

Meet Oliver Daemen Father Joes Daemen- Net Worth & Wiki

Oliver Daemen’s father Joes Daemen has an expected net worth of over $500 million.

Since he is a multi-millionaire businessman who successfully bid a price of over $28 million to send his son to space, there is no doubt that he is worth more than half a billion dollars.

Still, he is not mentioned on Wikipedia despite being such a renowned personality.

He is the owner and founder of Somerset Capital Partners, which is the largest real estate private equity in the Netherlands.

Well, not just this, he is also a stockbroker and many other things as an entrepreneur.

Also, Joes has his own hedge fund named Somerset Capital Partners Value Fund.


Meet Oliver Daemen Mother Eline Daemen Dekker- Net Worth & Wiki

Oliver Daemen’s mother Eline Daemen Dekker has a net worth of millions of dollars.

Since she works as an ambassador in her husband’s real estate company and generally focuses on its social work, the exact value of her net worth is not revealed.

Also, she is not mentioned on Wikipedia yet. Eline is also recognized as a frequent and active volunteer on events relating to combating loneliness among the elderly.

Moreover, she has also worked in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for 5 years as a cabin crew member.

Eline and Joes have 2 children together, one of which is Oliver and the other is his sister Charlotte Daemen.


Oliver Daemen Wikipedia

Despite being the soon-to-be youngest person to ever reach space, Oliver Daemen is not on Wikipedia yet.

However, there is not doubt that he will be mentioned on the platform as soon as he reaches space.

Regarding him as an individual, he is a young man and has not started college yet.

Born in a rich and amazing family, Oliver Daemen is a simple man and is planning to study physics at a university after returning from space.