Who Is Alana Sinead Lister? Meet MAFS Australia Cast On Instagram

Alana Sinead Lister is a celebrity and fashion artist who currently appears on the Marriage at First Sight Australia 2020. The artist is a kind, responsible, and young enthusiastic person and is currently looking for love in the tv series.

Alana Sinead Lister is from Gold Coast, Queensland. The city is full of beaches she loves to visit which one can easily know by looking at her pictures found on the internet. Scroll below to know more about her.

Quick Facts: Who Is Alana Sinead Lister? Meet MAFS Australia 2021 Cast On Instagram

NameAlana Sinead Lister
ProfessionSchool Teacher
Married/SingleDating (James Engler)

10 Facts About Alana Sinead Lister

  1. Alana Sinead Lister has not revealed her age. But, looking at her pictures, one can speculate she is in her early 30s.
  2. The celebrity has kept information about her birthday a secret but we do know that she was born in Australia.
  3. Alana Sinead Lister is not active on any social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Guess the actress likes to spend more of her time in real life than a virtual one.
  4. Speaking about her work, she works as a school teacher. But, thanks to her celebrity status now, we might see her in other reality television series.
  5. As the actress was born in Australia and lived there all her life, it’s just normal to know her nationality to be Australian.
  6. According to various leaks and reports, Alana Sinead Lister is set to marry a guy named James Engler, which will be aired on the show.
  7. According to Payscale, the average salary of a school teacher in Australia is $71 thousand, so she must have a salary close to that.
  8. Talking about her parents, they too were born in Australia and have always lived there but further information about them is not available.
  9. James Engler, her future husband, is a luxury car dealer and is quite rich but his net worth is not known. 
  10. According to the show information, Alana Sinead Lister is about to get married in the year 2021.