Who Is Alisha Reynolds? Meet Dan Reynolds’ Sister-In-Law For Whom The Song ‘Wrecked’ Is Written

Who is Alisha Reynolds? Well, she was the sister-in-law of Dan Reynolds, for whom his new song ‘Wreck’ is dedicated.

Alisha Reynolds was a celebrity family member. She was the wife of a reputed American singer, Dan Reynolds’s brother.

Dan is a songwriter and record producer as well. Moreover, he is the lead vocalist of the pop-rock band, Imagines Dragons.

He is also the winner of the Songwriters Hall of Fame Hal David Starlight Award.

Who Is Dan Reynolds’ Sister-In-Law Alisha Reynolds?

Alisha Reynolds was the sister-in-law of Dan Reynolds.

She was the wife of Dan’s brother, Paul Quayle Reynolds. Dan and Alisha shared an incredible bond.

Besides her husband and children, Dan is also grieving for her death.

They had known each other for more than a decade, and Alisha taught him to be a better person.

Moreover, they were of the same age group and had a lot in common.

Alisha Durtschi Reynolds Obituary & Photos

As per online obituaries, Alisha Reynolds passed away on 7 April 2019 at the age of 38.

She battled with lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes, for over 9 months. She was brave and confident, but eventually, she lost against it.

Reynolds’s photos are available on the obituary sites and her relative’s Instagram account.

Alisha was born on 7 May 1980 to parents, Mark and Brenda Durtschi. Likewise, she grew alongside her brother, Jared, and sister, Heidi.

On 23 August 2003, Burtschi tied the knot with her loving husband, Paul Quayle Reynolds. Also, she gave birth to her seven children and lived in Nashville.

In 2019, Alisha lost her battle with cancer and left this world forever.

Alisha Reynolds And Story Behind ‘Wrecked’

Alisha Reynolds and singer Dan had known each other for 16 years.

Dan Reynolds has been grieving since he lost Alisha to lymphoma in 2019. To ease his pain and share the story, he has a new album, ‘Mercury-Act 1’.

Inside the album, the song ‘Wrecked’ is a tribute to Alisha Reynolds.

It was premiered on Youtube on 15 July 2021. Within a few hours, the song has gained a good audience and has crossed 186K views.