Who is Anna-Maria Ferchichi? Everything To Know About Bushido’s Wife

Anna Maria Ferchichi is a German model. See if she has a Wikipedia page or not. In the article below we can find more about the model.

Anna is a well-recognized German model and wife of German rapper Bushido.

Recently, in an Instagram post, Bushido mentions that his wife is pregnant with identical triplets. This beautiful couple is looking forward to more offspring. This couple is blessed with four children together.

At the beginning of February, the two celebrated a special milestone: They had met ten years earlier at a party.

Meet Her On Instagram

Anna-Maria is found on Instagram under the name @anna_maria_ferchichi.

She has a verified Instagram account with more than 162k followers to date, June 2021.

We can easily access her Instagram account and find her daily life routine as she posts regularly.

Know Her Net Worth

Anna-Maria has kept her financial details and net worth privately.

She hasn’t shared her annual earnings and net worth with the public. Both Anna and Bushido had a good career in their respective field, where we assume that their net worth must be in the millions.

Know About Her Husband

Anna-Maria Ferchichi is married to her husband Bushido.

Her spouse is a renowned German rapper who has many followers and fans over different social media handles.

Bushido’s real name is Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi. He is 42 years old who is also known as “Sonny Black.” He is a rapper with Hip Hop and gangsta rap genres.

Bushido is active in the music field since 1998 and is still singing many songs.  He is also an entrepreneur.

Anna and Bushido are married since 2012 and are staying together.

This couple is blessed with four children together, and she brought another child into the relationship at the time. As of now, there are seven members in her family with next to come.

Anna-Maria Age: How Old Is She?

Anna-Maria hasn’t disclosed her actual age.

As we are unknown about her date of birth and birthday, she is 39 years old. She hails from Berlin City and holds the nationality of Germany.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi Wikipedia

Anna-Maria Ferchichi hasn’t got a page in Wikipedia.

However, she has been mentioned several times on her husband Bushido’s Wikipedia page.

Not to worry, she is a top German model who has got fame and her biography is covered by several modeling articles and online media. Anna-Maria and her husband Bushido are expecting triplets soon.