Who Is Ash Barty Mother Josie Barty? Everything To Know About The Radiographer

Australian tennis player Ashleigh Barty aka Ash Barty’s mother Josie Barty is a radiographer, and she is the daughter of English immigrants.

Josie Barty is a radiographer, and she is the mother of famous Australian tennis player Ash Barty.

Recently, Josie’s daughter Ash winning her final match against Czech Republic’s Karolina Pliskova.

Ash won her first Wimbledon title against Karolina Pliskova.

Who Is Ash Barty Mother Josie Barty?

Ash Barty’s mother, Josie Barty, is a radiographer.

Josie Barty still practices her profession. Interestingly, Ash’s mother, Josie, has connections with England as she is the daughter of English immigrants.

Josie and her husband Robert were the ones who introduced Ash to her longtime junior coach, Jim Joyce, at the West Brisbane Tennis Centre.

When Josie’s daughter Ash Barty was 15-years-old, retired professional player, Jason Stoltenberg, became Ash’s coach.

How Old Is Josie Barty? Age Explored

Josie Barty’s age is around 50 to 60 years old, judging her appearance.

However, the actual date of birth is not disclosed on any social media platforms.

Josie’s daughter, Ash Barty’s age, is 25 years old, and she was born on April 24, 1996.

Who Is Josie Barty Husband? Details On Her Children

Josie Barty is married to her husband, Robert Barty.

Robert Barty worked for the State Library in Queensland, Australia, which is a government sector job in Australia.

Robert Barty served as one of the directors on the tennis Queensland Board In November 2020, and he was appointed at a special meeting by an existing board member. 

He played sports at a state and national level. Robert grew up in Queensland, Australia.

Regarding Josie Barty’s children, She has 3 children with her husband, Robert.

Josie also has three daughters named Sara, Ali, and Ash Barty.

Ash is the youngest child of Josie, and Ash has two elder sisters, Sara and Ali.

What Is Josie Barty Ethnicity? Meet Her On Instagram

Josie Barty’s ethnicity is Ngarigo Aboriginal Australian-English.

Josie’s husband belongs to descendent of the Ngarigo heritage. Josie’s daughter Ash faced lots of discrimination because of the Ngarigo tribe.

Josie is not active on Instagram, but she is most active on Twitter, where she has around 82 followers on her official Twitter handle.

She is active under the username @josieeb.