Who Is Astrud Aurelia On The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula? Everything On Her Age And More

24-year-old Astrud Aurelia is one of ten constants on the latest season of The Boulet Brothers Dragula. Learn more about her gender and identity.

The Boulet Brothers Dragula is back on air and, it is hotter than ever.

Keeping in mind the spooky theme, a group of ten constants will show their talent on stage.

One of the constants to look out for is Astrud Aurelia.

Dragula: Astrud Aurelia Wikipedia Details: Where Is She From?

Astrud Elizabeth Aurelia is a drag performer from Pheonix, Arizona. While in Drag, she prefers her pronoun to be she/her. Similarly, when not, she likes to be called his/him.

Unfortunately, Astrud does not have a Wikipedia page. If she was to get one someday, we are sure to update the information.

Astrud is one of the constants for the fourth season of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula. The first episode is premier on the 19th of October on a streaming platform named Shudder.

The person who wins this season will get a cash prize of $100,000.

How Old Is Astrud Aurelia? What Is Her Real Name?

Astrud Aurelia is 21 years old as of 2021. She was born on the 4th of November, 1996. Her real name is called Marcus Leatherman.

She identifies as genderqueer.

Aurelia is of Brazilian and American descent.

While growing up, she was always in dresses and begged her mother to buy her princess. As she grew older, she buckled under the pressure of society and suppressed her desires.

It was during this time she discovered her talent in art. She drew women in armors and weapons as her creative outlet.

It wasn’t until she started doing darg that she found herself.

Meet Astrud Aurelia On Instagram

You can meet Astrud Aurelia on her Instagram handle @astrudaurelia and be a part of her 18.7k followers.

Here she features her absurd yet gory makeups that catch the eyes of views. The lady has a talent for artistry.

The performer is a regular on stage that performs in venues other than Drag shows.

Unfortunately, she is rarely in clothes other than costumes. So her face seems to be a mystery.

Astrud Aurelia Parents: Who Are They?

Astrud Aurelia is the daughter of Brazilian American parents. Although their names are hidden from the public, they are supportive of her career.

When she first came out as gay, it was not that hard as her parts and friends were not homophobic.

Her mother is a regular watcher of RuPaul’s Drag race.

On the other hand, her stepfather was not so supportive of her choices. He pushed the agenda of masculinity on her leading to some level of gender dysphoria.