Who Is Bchillz From Twitch? Everything To Know About

Bchillz is a Twitch star who owns a verified account and over 200k followers. He mostly plays Rust and Valorant.

Mostly, his background in gaming has followed from Call of Duty (COD) games.

Likewise, the game streamer Bchillz is also a YouTube star with over 150k subscribers in his channel.

And guess what, he has uploaded over 200 videos of his gaming. His posts are mainly about him playing games online; he also frequently shares funny videos.

Quick Facts:

BirthdayApril 23
ProfessionStreamer, YouTuber
Net Worth$61,000
WifeAmi Sneddon
ChildrenJake Chill Sneddon

10 Facts On Bchillz 

  1. According to his website, Bchillz’s age is 29 years old. He is from Ontario, Canada, and has his birthday listed as April 23.
  2. No exact information about Bchillz’s height has been found on the web. But judging from his pictures, he seems to have average height. He is slightly taller than his wife.
  3. Bchillz revealed his wife’s face on Instagram. His partner’s name is Ami Sneddon and she also does game streamings like him. She goes by the name Peacheschillz. 
  4. Regarding the streamer’s legal identity, Bchillz’s real name is David Sneddon.
  5. The website Statsmash revealed that Bchillz has collected a net worth of $61,000 dollars as of February 2021. His earnings from gaming competitions are still under review.
  6. The YouTuber earned the silver button after crossing 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel. At the time of this post, Bchillz owns 173k subscribing members.
  7. Bchillz’s social media presence is strong. He is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with 847, 16.9k, and 2,216 followers, respectively. 
  8. At one point, he was enlisted as Diamond 5 in League Of Legends. 
  9. Bchillz is the father of Jake Chill, who just turned 15 years old in February 2021. It seems Jake also inherited his parents’ genes as an excellent streamer as he already has over 900 followers on Twitch.
  10. He recently joined TikTok.As per his tweet, he opened it just to make a prank on his wife.