Who is Bev Priestman? Facts To Know About The Canada Women Football Manager

Bev Priestman’s current partner is her wife, Emma Humphries. Discover her salary and more.

Dev Priestman is an English football manager. Currently, she is serving as the head coach for the Canada Women’s National Soccer Team.

In her professional career as a coach since 2013, she has coached Canada U-17, Canada U-20, England U-17, and now, Canada Women’s National Soccer Team.

In her initial days, she has served as an assistant coach for Canada Women’s National Soccer Team under head coach John Herdman. From her debut to this date, her career has been successful so far.

She has managed to succeed in her professional as well as personal life. Being openly gay and marrying a football player, there might be lots of hurdles. However, she has managed her life well.

Bev Priestman Wife/Partner Emma Humphries – IS She Gay?

Bev Priestman is married to her wife, Emma Humphries. She is openly and proudly gay.

Emma Humphries is a former New Zealand football player. She was a midfielder and used to play for the national team, from where she represented New Zealand at the international level.

Both of them have chosen the athletic field as their career, which is a plus point for their successful creation to this date. Being athlete partners might be pretty cool.

They both have been together for some time and also have a child together. There are no details about when they got married, but they had welcomed their son, Jack, in 2018. They both appear to be lesbian and have maintained a healthy relationship to this date.

Bev Priestman Wikipedia and Age

Bev Priestman’s biography is already featured on Wikipedia’s official webpage. Besides that, she is easily reachable through various websites online.

Regarding age, Bev is now 35 years old. She was born in the year 1986 in Consett, England, and celebrates her birthday on 29th April every year. Similarly, her wife also shares the same birth year, and she celebrates her birthday on 14th June.

She was born in a rural part of England and was encouraged by her parents, Helen and Collin, for her career.

There are no academics details available. Professionally, Bev is a football manager and a coach who is coaching Canada women’s soccer team for Tokyo Olympics.

Considering her physical appearance, her height is about 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

How Much Is Bev Priestman’s Salary and Net Worth?

Bev Priestman’s estimated salary is around $42,899 annually. It is the average salary of a Canadian football head coach.

However, Bev has not revealed her salary and net worth right now. She has a successful career as a coach, considering that she might have banked lots of money for her well-balanced lifestyle.