Who Is Bianca Wallace? Details To Know About Ioan Gruffudd New Girlfriend

Bianca Wallace is an American actress whose biography still does not exist on the Wikipedia page. Here’s are more facts about the actress in the article below. 

Bianca Wallace has recently gained public attention since the famous actor Loan Gruffudd disclosed their love relationship.

Wallace is an American-based actress and producer who has recently joined the film industry.

Meanwhile, Wallace is a cast in the television series, Reltionshit, which debuted on April 1, 2021.

Who Is Loan Gruffudd New Girlfriend Bianca Wallace?

Renowned actor Loan Gruffudd has recently revealed his girlfriend Biana Wallace publicly.

He announced their

However, the report suggests that the couple has already been dating for three years. But, they never disclosed their relationship in the spotlight.

It is said that while the actor was married to his ex-wife, Alice Evans, he was having an affair with Bianca from that time.

After Alice accused him of gaslighting her, the actor filed for divorce in March. Alice stated that he walked out on her after telling her he no longer loved her.

She also wrote: “Me and our young daughters girls are very confused and sad. We haven’t been given a reason except that he no longer loves me. I’m so sorry.”

Bianca Wallace Wikipedia Details

Bianca Wallace does not have a biography page under her name on the official domain of Wikipedia.

Yet, you can find her short-bio on the IMDb page. As per his IMDB page, Wallace has worked in films, including Loveland, Bloodline, and Relationshit.

Wallace is a stunning young lady with an excellent physical appearance. She has lately begun her career in the film industry.

Her debut acting role was in the film Loveland, where she played a dance club young girl.

Likewise, Wallace portrayed the role of Alice in the movie Bloodline in 2020. Furthermore, Bianca has recently been playing in an Australian tv series, Relationshit.

Bianca Wallace Age Revealed

Actress Bianca Wallace is presently 30 years old as born on July 1, 1991.

Similarly, her boyfriend, Loan Gruffud, is 48 years old since he was born on October 6, 1973, in Llwydcoed, United Kingdom.

The couple has an age difference of 18 years in their love relationship.

Additionally, Wallace hails from the United States, whereas her companion, Gruffudd, hails from the United Kingdom.

Bianca Wallace Net Worth: Meet Her On Instagram

The net worth of Bianca Wallace has not been disclosed yet on the web pages.

Wallace might have earned a significant sum of money from her acting career. Hence, we can assume that her net worth might be between $1 million – $5million.

Looking at her lifestyle, Wallace lives a good life as per her pictures on Instagram. Nonetheless, Celebrity Net Worth has estimated her boyfriend’s net worth to be $5 million.

If you want to learn more about her lifestyle and personal life, make sure you give a follow on her Instagram under the handle @iambiancawallace.

Wallace currently has over 4.3K followers and shares a total of 415 posts on her Instagram profile.

In her recent post, Bianca has posted a photo with loan captioning: “I know real smiles when I see them.”