Who Is Blackhawks Sexual Assault Victim John Doe? Reddit Users Have A Theory On His Identity

Who Is Blackhawks John Doe? Here is all the information on the man who has brought the Chicago Blackhawks in heated infamy as of today!

John Doe is a former player for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Although he stayed with the world-famous team for the 2010 season, he has put forward all the injustices that happened to him during his tenure in the team.

The man has revealed that he was sexually assaulted by then video coach Brad Aldrich and that the team executives did not help him at all.

He has seemed the help of concerned authorities while the news has stormed off the global news as Blackhawks have finally issued a letter of apology.

Who Is Blackhawks John Doe?

John Doe from Blackhawks is a given name of the actual victim who fell into the non-consensual sexual counters from his then-coach, Brad Aldrich.

His real name and identity have been kept anonymous by the authority due to the sensitive intensity of the case.

He was initially named John Doe 1 but has been going around without the ‘1’ code name. He served as a ‘Black Ace’ for the Blackhawks in the 2010 games.

A Black Ace is a team member who is brought up during the postseason to practice with the team and be ready to play in the case of an injury, suspension or any other reason that rostered player cannot play.

Furthermore, the athletic career ventures John Doe after his time with the Blackhawks are still under review.

Many details on his whereabouts as well as other important hints on his personal life are concealed by the court due to the reputation of ice hockey sport on the line.

Brad Aldrich Death and Sexual Assault Scandal Explored

John Doe became the prey of the sexual intents of the coach Brad Aldrich back in May 2010.

At the time, the Blackhawks were playing the Canucks during the second round of the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Video coach Aldrich invited John Doe over inducing him that “he had the power to get John Doe onto the Blackhawks’ roster”.

John Doe stated that “Aldrich threatened him by telling him he needed to act like he enjoyed the sexual encounter or he would never play in the NHL ‘or walk’ again”.

Aldrich then forcibly performed sexual acts before threatening him again with a souvenir baseball bat.

Even as of now, Aldrich said the encounter was consensual while John Doe does not say so.

After the encounter, John Doe had seemed the help of many Blackhawks executives and ultimately the board who turned him down.

Now that the investigation is over, many Blackhwaks executives have been removed from their position while Aldrich’s further fate is yet to be decided.

Similarly, other victims have also come forward with their stories and have sued Blackhawks for supporting Aldrich. The victims have been named as John Doe 2 and upcoming numbers.