Barry Calhoun Age

There is no data about Barry’s age on the internet.

Looking at the photo on, we can assume that the photographer is in his late-thirties to early-forties.

Also, the seasoned photographer has 22 years of experience as a professional photographer.

Barry started doing professional photography from his teens, he would be somewhere around 38-42 years old.

Barry Calhoun Wiki & Bio Explored

Barry is not included in the Wikipedia entries.

However, we can find information about Barry from his website and LinkedIn profile.

Calhoun has been working as a photographer for the last 22 years since 1999.

He attended Bishop’s University from 1992-1998.

He focuses on Commercial, Advertising, Editorial, Business Portraits and specializes in Architecture and Interior Design.

Specializing in architecture, interiors, and editorials, Barry says that the role of a professional photographer is a lot bigger than people realize.

Barry is passionate about telling people’s stories, and his experience and commitment have helped him produce the best shots possible.

He loves photography and believes firmly that photography is a fluid art that challenges him to give his all.

Rep Art represents his interior and architecture photography, and his stock photos are characterised by Image Source, London, and Redux Pictures, NY.

Barry Calhoun Net Worth

While it is known that Barry is a highly successful and professional photographer, his net worth is not known.

Barry is based in Vancouver, Canada. While most photographers make $39,000 annually, Barry is a professional photographer with 22 years of experience.

This can imply that Barry makes $55,000 to $60,000 annually.

Barry Calhoun Instagram And Social Profile

Barry is on Instagram as @barrycalhounphotos. On Instagram, he speaks through his motto of bringing out the best of his vision and experience to collaborate on fantastic photography projects.

He has 931 followers with 72 posts.

And as people say, “a photographer has the least photos taken” Barry’s Instagram proves it as it only contains posts about photography, primarily focusing on interior architecture.

On LinkedIn, Barry goes as Barry Calhoun.