Who Is Brandon Lee Wife Eliza Hutton? Wikipedia – Did She Ever Marry?

Eliza Hutton is the former fiancee of late Brandon Lee. After 28 years since the death of her lover, she has finally broken her silence.  

Her fiancee Brandon was a talented actor and was a star child. He was the son of Bruce Lee, a world-famous martial artist. Furthermore, Bruce is also renowned for his filmography contributions.

Eliza has spoken after 28 years, since the death of her lover, in support of banning prop guns in the set. Brandon was fatally wounded on the set of The Crow.

Who Is Brandon Lee Wife Eliza Hutton?

Brandon Lee’s lover Eliza Hutton is a model and a retired actress. After her college graduation, she moved to L.A. in the 1980s to pursue her dream career in the world of Entertainment.

Eliza’s first known credit in the Industry was as a casting assistant for the 1989 film Arena. Similarly, she worked as an assistant to film director Renny Harlin for the Adventures of Ford Fairlane and, Die Hard 2. 

She met Brandon in 1990 while she was working as an assistant. They had an instant connection and started dating shortly thereafter. They had planned on getting married on April 17, 1993, in Ensenada.

But after the tragic incident occurred in Brandon’s set, Eliza lost her lover forever. He was buried in Seattle on April 3 of the same year.

Exploring Eliza Hutton Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page has yet to upload Eliza Hutton’s full bio. However, we can find her movie credits on her IMDB profile.

She has 4-credits as an additional crew and 2-credits in the Casting Department. Her recent work was as an assistant to Mr.Sutherland in the TV Mini-series, The Confession (2011).

She is also called by her nickname, Lisa.

Did Eliza Hutton Ever Marry?

Eliz Hutton has married at least one lover in her life.

After the death of Brandon, she was devasted. It took her nearly 10-years to move on and start dating again. She was married in the early 2000s and even gave birth to a daughter.

But after they hit some disagreements in their relationship, Eliza gave a divorce. The name of her husband hasn’t got disclosed in the media.

Eliza Hutton Instagram Account

Eliza is active on her Instagram account with username @elizahutton.

Her Official account seems to be private at the moment. Thus, all of her posts are hidden from the public. Nevertheless, we can see that she has 42 total posts and 89 followers.