Who Is Christina Read? Meet Chad Read Ex-Wife

Christina Read has made the headlines for being Chad Read’s ex-wife. The couples had already moved on with new partners.

After Chad’s demise, his widow, Jennifer Read has filed a petition to take the custody of the kids from their mother, Christina. She believes that the present situation might affect her step-children’s emotional well-being.

From our point of view, she might be correct. Christina lives with a man who killed their biological father. This would be disturbing to any child.

Furthermore, Jennifer has accused Christina of endangering her children’s physical and mental health. Moreover, she was the one who released the mobile video of her husband’s murder.

According to KCBD, Chad had evidence of Christina dating Kyle. Moreover, he threatened her by going public about it.

Allegations are claiming that Christina and her new partner were plotting to kill Chad the day he arrived at their home. However, the truth hasn’t been revealed yet and the story is still under development.

As far as we know, the case is quite complicated and requires professional attorneys to reveal what exactly happened. Netizens, too, have mixed feelings about the incident.

Kyle Carruth Lubbock Shooting Video Revealed

The shooting video in Lubbock where Kyle Carruth shoots Chad Read has gone viral. The recording was released by Jennifer Read.

In the footage, Chad and Christina Read are caught having a conversation about their kid. Reportedly, he asks her to provide him with the location of their youngest son.

Well, Chad was supposed to pick up his child as he had custody from 3:15 PM. However, his former spouse wanted to see him for the last time and hence, she was delaying Kyle.

Later, Carruth comes out of his residence with a long-barreled gun. He asks Chad to move out before he shoots him.

As Chad had trespassed, he was supposed to move out calmly. However, he chose the other option – he threatened back Kyle and tried to take his gun.

In the process, Carruth moves two-step back and fires two shots at Chad. After that, Christina’s former husband is found lying on the ground unconscious.

Where Is Christina Read Today?

Christina Read is probably at her residence in Lubbock, Texas. She is yet to speak in front of the media.

The public claims that she is also responsible for Chad’s demise. However, the investigation is still going on and nothing has been finalized yet.