Who Is Christine Carlin Avenatti? Everything On Michael Avenatti Ex Wife

Attorney Michael Avenatti’s first wife Christine Carlin Avenatti is on the media over the case of Michael’s domestic violence. Read the article to know more.

Christine Carlin is well known as the ex-wife of the attorney Michael.

She is now seen in the news, as her husband Michael is accused of being in domestic violence.

Michael was arrested by the LAPD on charges of domestic violence. There are several reasons for his charges as he is now representing the pornstar Stormy Daniels, against the billionaire Donald Trump.

The lawsuit on Michael is still going on in the trials of court and results are still yet to be known.

Christine Carlin Avenatti: Michael Avenatti Wife And Daughter

Christine Carlin Avenatti is the first wife of Michael.

They were in a long 13-year-long relationship and even had two children together. But, until now, they have kept their personal life in low light.

They first met when Carlin was only 21 years old and they have known each other for more than 26 years now.

Both of Carlin’s children are daughters. Michael went for a divorce with Carlin and then married his second wife Lisa in 2011.

Christine Carlin Avenatti Wikipedia

Unlike her husband Michael, Christine is not in media and likes to remain in low light.

Carlin was just seen recently in 2020 opening up in support of her husband during his charges.

Carlin is a proud mom of her daughters and she is also a cancer survivor according to her Twitter account.

She has already married someone else but details about her husband are not revealed. She is now living in Newport Beach situated in California with her children and her family.

Christine Carlin Avenatti Instagram

Christine Carlin Avenatti is not seen on Instagram as she is one of the most mysterious people.

She does have a Twitter account with only 2.2k followers and she is only following 327 people.

Despite that, she is not active on Twitter also and is very occasional.