Who Is Christopher Baldner? NY State Trooper Charged With Murder of An 11 year Old

Christopher Baldner has been indicted on the murder of 11-year-old Monica Goods as of today. Get all the latest updates on him here below!

Christopher Baldner is an American trooper. As of today, he has gained infamy for being indicted for the murder of Monica Goods as well as other charges for the 2020 incident.

It is quite shocking to see a trooper being shown the way of court and legal troubles. Meanwhile, the public has also not forgotten the death of the innocent 11-year-old.

Who Is Christopher Baldner?

Christopher Baldner is a New York-based police officer, predominantly referred to as Trooper Christopher Baldner by the court.

He was on duty in June 2020 when he forcefully chased the SUV driven by the victim, Goods family.

Per the Goods family’s attorney, Baldner was also previously engaged in a traffic scuffle with another person in 2019 though it resulted in no casualties.

In short, Baldner has been accused of violating his police position while on duty.

With such allegations, Trooper Baldner has become the subject of hate by netizens and New York residents.

While the incident and his recent indictment have become the most-talked-about topic, not much about Baldner’s personal life has been revealed to the public as of yet.

NY State Trooper Charges Explained

Christopher Baldner, the NY State Trooper has been slapped with many charges by the opposition victim Goods family.

Baldner will be facing the charges of murder of Monica Goods in the second degree, manslaughter in the second degree, and reckless endangerment in the first degree.

He is also charged with ramming a car in an unrelated incident in September 2019. In the 2019 incident, he had endangered the lives of three car passengers while he rammed into the car.

Baldner has surrendered to the police as of October 27 and has been discharged from his duty without pay.

He will be fighting the charges in the court so will be the Goods family, per Law and Crime.

Meet His Wife and Family

Christopher Baldner has not disclosed any information on his wife as well as his family as of yet.

Given the current condition where he has become New York’s infamous trooper, he has kept his family away from the case.

In the Goods family’s case, during the incident, Tristin Goods, his wife, April, and his two daughters were in the car when their SUV was rammed twice by Baldner.

In the last ramming, 11-year-old Monica Goods was ejected from the car that resulted in her untimely death.