Who Is Dan McLean? Everything On His Family And Net Worth

Dan McLean is a new councilor for ward 13 on the city council. By a margin of 47 percent, he has defeated his closest rivals.

McLean is a new name in civic politics, having worked on various federal Conservative campaigns over the last couple of years to gain experience.

He campaigned as a transformational leader, calling the outgoing council dysfunctional.

He won 12,786 votes in the election.

Who Is Dan McLean? Find His Age.

Dan McLean is a new councilor on the city council and a former golf cart business owner.

He was born on October 12, 1947; therefore, he is 74 years old.

He grew up on a farm outside of Camrose and relocated to Calgary two decades ago.

McLean attended university in Edmonton.

In 1998, he founded his own business McLean Golf.

His most significant achievement was the bid to furnish over 250 golf and utility cars for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

He worked hard to expand the business and assist in raising his family; however, now that his children have grown up, he has sold his company and is involved in politics.

He got involved in politics because he saw how frustrated the people of that state were with the political chaos and the city’s leadership.

Dn McLean Commitment As A New Councilor.

He mentioned that he would work hard to find consensus and get along with his coworkers.

Along the way, he’ll be open and honest and won’t keep so much city business behind closed doors.

He pledged to work hard every other day and stand aside after two terms to pursue new opportunities.

He would work to reduce the problem of rising spending, which has climbed by 40% in the last decade.

Who Is Dan McLean’s Wife; His Family Revealed.

Dan Mclean’s wife is not well-known in the media; thus, her name is unknown, but it is sure that he has three children.

His parents’ identities have not been published; however, it is known that his father was born south of Calgary.

According to his interview, he values his family and loves his children, as he stated that he worked very hard solely for them.

Dan McLean Net Worth- How Rich Is He?

Dan Mclean hasn’t revealed his net worth, but he could be worth billions, as he founded his own company and is now a city councilor after selling it.

He must be living a lavish and comfortable life with his family.