Who is Dimitri Garcia? 10 Facts On Amber Portwood Boyfriend

Dimitri Garcia came into limelight for being the new boyfriend of Amber Portwood. She is an American reality television personality and convicted criminal. After Amber split from ex Andrew Glennon within a month she was in love once again. Andrew had a very ugly fight with her ex where she attacked him with a machete while he was holding onto their 1-year-old son James.

NameDimitri Garcia
Height5 feet 9 inches
Married/SingleIn a relationship

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10 facts on Dimitri Garcia

  1. Dimitri Garcia is around 39 years old whereas his birth year is estimated to be in 1980. However, there is no exact information provided regarding his birth dates.
  2. He is from Atlantic-France but he resides in Belgium. Thus he holds a European nationality but details regarding his ethnicity and religion are yet to be disclosed.
  3. There is not much information provided by Dimitri’s family and siblings. But in some of his posts, we can see them.
  4. Dimitri was followed by none other than Amber’s ex Gary Shirley, 33, and his wife, Kristina Shirley, 38 on his IG.
  5. He is currently gaining fame for being the new boyfriend of Amber Portwood. 
  6. His height is estimated to be 5 feet 9 inches whereas details about his body weight will be revealed soon.
  7. Before dating Dimitri, Amber has already dated 2 partners named Gary Shirley (2008–2011), Andrew Glennon (2017–2019) whereas she has 2 children.
  8. Dimitri and Amber have not posted anything about each other on Instagram. Also, there are no rumors about their marriage until now.
  9. The net worth income of Dimitri is still under review and it seems that Demitri is a sportsperson.
  10. He has gained a lot of fan following in his  Instagram.  He has more than  2K  followers.