Who Is Dmitriy Shelove Aka Imnotshelovee On TikTok? Find Him On Instagram

Imnotshelovee is a 20 years old age Tiktok star. With his bad boy personal vibe, he is often the subject of criticism. 

Tiktok has become a very polarizing platform recently. Everyone seems to have love-hate relationships with the contents available on Tiktok.

Recently, a user named @imnotshelovee with 183million hearts is under drama for his videos.

Meet Imnotshelovee on Instagram

You can discover Imnotshelovee on Instagram as @sheloveeeeeee.

Just like Tiktok, Dmitriy is an influencer on Instagram with over 370k followers. But, he has kept his IG private.

Imnotshelovee must own a decent net worth with his fame. But, he has not revealed much about his luxuries and assets. Besides, Imnotshelovee doesn’t have a Wiki bio.

The social star stands decently tall with his body covered in tattoos. Similarly, he prefers to dye his hair blonde.

Despite his looks, Shelove is surrounded by drama for his Tiktoks. There are some questionable videos on his Tiktok overall.

Dimitriy Shelove Age – How old is Imnotshelovee?

Imnotshelovee is 20 years old in age. He is actually from Russia and allegedly doesn’t speak much English.

Similarly, he disclosed that he is Virgo in one of his videos.

The TikToker was recently involved in a controversy regarding his video. He uploaded a Tiktok captioned “Help” about Trying to Find a girl in 2021.

In the video, Dmitriy tries to give a rose – only to find out another person is either a lesbian, 13 years old, a boy, or an adult worker! The “tone-deaf” video has since then gathered massive backlash.

Many people are accusing him of pedophilia for mistaking 13 years for an adult. A user commented, “there are so many things wrong with the video.” Another commented, “this is weird.”

On the other hand, others defend him by entailing that he might not know English. Or, girls of 13 years do appear older than their age due to makeup these days.

Nevertheless, the Tiktok has gone viral with more than 21 million views and 2.7 million likes.

Imnotshelovee TikTok: Who Is Dmitriy Shelove?

Imnotshelovee, aka Dmitriy Shelove is a Tiktok content creator. Shelove is famous for his charm and bad boy personality.

He creates videos for over 6.2 million followers on the platform.

Each of Imnotshelovee’s videos gets millions of views. One of his most viral Tiktoks includes the one he collaborated with a girl, which has over 45 million views.

It seems like Imnotshelovee is dating the same girl in the video. The duo makes lots of videos together- both funny and romantic.

Furthermore, the Tiktoker frequently makes POV videos about his partner.