Who Is Edgar Moura Brasil? Everything To Know About Gilberto Braga’s Husband

Gilberto Braga Marido, a screenwriter, was married to his partner Edgar Moura Brasil, an architect for more than five decades. Let us look closely at the details of the couple.

Gilberto was a Brazillian screenwriter and author based on Rio de Janerio. At the start of his career, he used to teach at the Aliança Francesa.

He was even a theater critic and cinema in the newspaper O Globo. Apart from screenwriting, Gilberto had his hands around writing books.

Gilberto premiered as an author in 1972 with an adaptation of The Lady of the Camellias.

His writing has reached in front of thousands of people through the big screen. Some of his admirable works are Helena(1975), Senhora(1975), Dona Xepa(1977), etc.

Gilberto was married to his love of the life Edgar Moura Brasil for half a century. The love between them only grew with their age.

Let us learn about Gilberto Braga Marido’s details through this article below.

Learn About The Wife Of Gilberto Braga Marido

Gilberto is married to his lovely partner Edgar Moura Brasil. Edgar is a professional architect.

The couple was together for 40 years and decided to formalize the union in 2014. The ceremony of marriage was held in their apartment by judge Maria Vitória Riera.

The couple got engaged in late 2013 in Paris.

Apart from the architect, Edgar is also a decorator. He designs houses and decorates them up to their maximum potential.

Gilberto Braga Marido Age

At the time of death, Gilberto was 75 years of age.

He used to celebrate his birthday on November 1. His full date of birth is November 1, 1945.

Gilberto is a secretive guy. He celebrated his birthday with his partner and close friends in their luxurious apartment in Arpoardor, away from the spotlight.

According to astrology, Gilberto’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Gilberto Braga Marido Wikipedia

Gilberto was born and raised in Rio de Janerio. He studied at Instituto de Educação and the Colégio Pedro II for his high school.

He joined the College of Letters at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro.

In 1975, Gilberto was working on an adaptation of the novel Helena. It was premiered on Television and is considered one of the classic Brazilian literature.

Gilberto has written a dozen of books in his lifetime, and people find it interesting as well.

He was even seen in television works. His last television work was in Babilonia alongside Gloria Piries, Adriana Esteves as a lead role.

Gilberto Braga Marido Cause Of Death

Gilberto was an Alzheimer’s patient. He was admitted to Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro due to the complication of his disease.

Unfortunately, Gilberto could not make it due to a systemic infection resulting from a perforation in the esophagus.

Gilberto was declared dead by the hospital on October 26 at the age of 75.

May his soul rest in peace, and we wish all the strength to his close friends and family, especially his partner.

Gilberto Braga Marido Instagram

At the moment, Gilberto is nowhere to be found on Instagram. His previous account with the username @gilbertobraga_70 has been deleted.

He is not found on any other social media. Gilberto was more focused on his real life and was not intimated by social life.

Although, we can see Gilberto on social media as his fans constantly post about him.