Who Is Eugene Huelsman? Canadian Man Arrested For Giving Death Threats To Matt Gaetz

Eugene Huelsman has gained infamy for threatening to kill U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz and his family from a long time ago. Here’s what you need to know about him!  

Eugene Huelsman is an American professional camera operator. He is reported to have worked for some big-name media companies like ABC, CNN, NBC, and many others.

A veteran professional in the field, that was not the reason he has bombarded every media as of today.

He has been arrested recently for the charges of threatening to kill Matt Gaetz and his family.

Who Is Eugene Huelsman?

Eugene Huelsman is a whopping five-time Emmy nominated camera operator for his works on NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

With his working background already on display, his Emmy nominations are quite a huge shock to the readers.

This proves that Huelsman is not a man to be taken lightly and is quite supported by his connections. It is only clear that why he decided to threaten a bigger name like Matt Gaetz along with his family.

Meanwhile, much personal information on Huelsman is not accessible at the moment.

Eugene Huelsman Age: How Old Is He?

Eugene Huelsman’s age is 58 years old according to Politico. However, the complete insiders on his birthdate are not accessible currently.

Considering his age, he is quite an experienced man in his work field while netizens have slammed him for making immature threats given his age.

Meet Eugene Huelsman Family

Eugene Huelsman has not disclosed any deets on his family and his family members as of now. He is predominantly known as Gene, a shorter form of his first name by his friends and family.

Gene is based in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, per our sources.

Is He A Canadian Man? Eugene Huelsman Arrested: What Happened?

Eugene Huelsman is reported not to be a Canadian but rather a Californian man. He was arrested in October recently though his threats were recorded back in January.

Although he was indicted in a grand jury in May, he was recently arrested as of late October.

To the surprise, Gene, the infamous Californian camera operator has been released on a whopping $20, 000 bond issued by a magistrate judge.

Huelsman is scheduled to appear before a magistrate judge in Pensacola on Friday, according to court records.