Who Is Gabriela Bukele Nayid Bukele Wife? Everything to Know About

Gabriela Bukele and her husband Nayib Bukele have been married for quite a long time. Let us get more insight into her personal life through this artifact.

Gabriela is a Salvadoran prenatal psychologist and the current first lady of El Salvador. She is well known as the wife of the 46th president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele.

She is also a professional ballet dancer and is a part of the dance company Fundacion Ballet de El Salvador.

<strong>Is She On Wikipedia? </strong>

Bukele has a well-decorated Wikipedia page dedicated to her.

According to Wikipedia, she holds a doctorate in prenatal psychology and is the first person in El Salvador with this title. Gabriela is also a regional representative to the APPPAH.

<strong>What Is Her Net Worth?</strong>

The details about Gabriela Bukele’s net worth are currently private.

However, her husband Nayib makes around $60000 annually as the president of El Salvador, reports paycheck. His net worth is expected to be around $1 million.

The couple must be living a lavish life with their earnings.

<strong>Gabriela Bukele Age</strong>

Gabriela Bukele age is 36 years old.

She was born on 31 March 1985. Gabriela was born and raised in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. So, her nationality is Salvadoran.

The first lady of El Salvador is the youngest of four daughters, and her husband has claimed she has Sephardic Jewish ancestry. She was born to Jose Rodriguez, a Salvadorian investor, and her mother, Arena Rodriguez.

Gabriela has been interested in ballet since her childhood days.

<strong>Meet Gabriela Bukele: Nayib Bukele Wife</strong>

Gabriela and Nayib got married in December 2014.

Their marriage took place in a private ceremony in El Boqueron, San Salvador.

Further, Gabriela announced her pregnancy in January 2019, days before Bukele won the presidential election. Apparently, the Bukele couple is blessed with an adorable baby daughter born on 15th August 2019.

However, they are yet to share the name of their children.