Who Is Hannah Sterling? Everything To Know About The Daughter Of Peter Sterling

Get to know the young daughter of Peter Sterling, Ms Hanna Sterling of age 18 and what she’s up to. Here’s everything regarding his retirement as well.

Hannah Sterling is the youngest daughter of Peter Sterling. Her father is a former rugby player and then a rugby commentator and a television host.

He is known as one of the earliest hosts of the Nine Network. After working in the network for twenty-seven years, he finally retired.

The commentator revealed the news in the show Sunday Footy Show. He retired after the end of the grand final of the National Rugby League Australia on Sunday.

Hannah Sterling Age

Hannah Sterling is of age 18 as she finally reached the legal age this year on 2021.

Hannah’s sibling brother, James is of age 21. As children move out from their parent’s home after the age of 18, it is unknown yet where she lives.

However, the Sterling family still lives together in the Central Coast, New South Wales.

Peter, her father retired professionally at the age of 61 and this was his second retirement as well.

In 1992, at the age of 32, he retired from rugby football after his shoulder was severely injured multiple times. His career as a commentator lasted for 29 years.

Hannah Sterling Wikipedia

As Hannah Sterling just reached the legal age, it is also ideal for her to choose a career path.

As per her father’s Wikipedia, she seems to have followed in her father’s footsteps as she started working in The Ray Hadley Morning Show at 2GB 873.

She is an associate producer as she listed in her Facebook. If she will continue down the path is a question to time.

Hannah’s father Peter started his career in television in 1992 to host  The Sunday Footy Show. A year later, he was joined by Paul Vautin to host alongside him.

As a football player, he played for Parramatta Eels, Hull F.C., New South Wales Team etc.

Peter Sterling Daughter Hannah Sterling

Peter Sterling had her daughter Hannah Sterling with his wife Selina.

Three years prior to this, they gave to their eldest kid, James Sterling. Hannah grew up with her sibling in Sydney. They moved to Central Coast shortly after.

Peter was awarded Australian Sports Medal and was enlisted as Australia’s 100 Greatest Players from 1998 – 2007. Sterling is incredibly respected in his country and is a man with a minimal amount of unappreciated audiences.

Hannah, his daughter made quite a bold move to continue his legacy now.