Who Is Jansie Lourens? Everything To Know About Carl Niehaus First Wife

Carl Niehaus’s first wife Jansie Lourens fought alongside her ex-husband in the battle against apartheid. Read below to know more about Jansie.

Jansie Lourens is well-known as the first wife of spokesperson Carl Niehaus.

Jansie was the one who recruited Carl into her battle against the armed struggle of apartheid. But, Carl went on to become relatively more famous than his wife Laurens.

Jansie’s husband Carl is the former spokesman for the South African ruling party African national congress. He is also the former spokesman for Nelson Madela.

Jansie Lourens: Carl Niehaus First Wife And Children

Jansie Lourens is the first wife of spokesperson Carl Niehaus.

Their marriage consists of a great story. Carl was recruited by Laurens into the arms struggle against the apartheid.

They were then sentenced to jail. Laurens was sentenced to 4 years jail, while Carl was sentenced to 8 years old jail in 1986. The couple got married inside the jail.

Laurens spend her full 4 years in prison jail and was later released. But, unfortunately, the story did not last much after 2002 and they both went their separate ways.

Also, the couple never had any children and were too busy with their political careers.

Jansie Lourens Age: How Old Is She?

Jansie Lourens’s age might be around 60-65 years old.

Lourens exact age is not yet revealed by any media or even by her. But, compared to her age to Carl, who is 61 now, we could say that Lourens might also be into her 60s.

Jansie Lourens Wikiepdia

Jansie Lourens is a woman who has got lost in the time now. As of now, she is not seen in the media much.

There has been now lots of biography over Lourens husband Carl, but there is not much new covered about Lourens.

She is only seen having a small spot on her husband’s biography, not knowing that she was the one who made Carl.

Jansie Lourens Net Worth Explored

Jansie Lourens’ net worth is around $50 thousand.

She was a freedom fighter who was fighting for her and other people’s rights. So we cannot say that she might receive a salary for that.

So her net worth could be enough to make her survive but not enough to live a luxurious life.