Who Is Jason Horne Francis? Everything About The Top AFL Draft Pick From South Adelaide

AFL Draft, Jason Horne Francis does not have a Wikipedia profile yet. He is a young-aged and talented player who has been the number one prospect of the next AFL draft.

Jason Horne-Francis is the firm favorite to be the first player picked in the 2021 AFL national draft.

Francis admits it is difficult not to already think of himself as a North Melbourne player amid speculation that the Kangaroos will use their No.1 pick in the 2021 national draft.

AFL Draft: Jason Horne Francis Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page lacks the information of Jason for the time being.

After 20 games in the SANFL including a best-on-ground performance in the preliminary final with South  Adelaide, Horne-Francis is the most highly rated player in the draft.

North Melbourne has already indicated they are likely to choose him and most industry observes expect them to pick him rather than make bids on him.

Horne-Francis described the scrutiny and the hype around him as a “bit crazy” but said he was good at embracing the attention rather than shying away from it.

Jason Horne Francis Age And Height

Jason’s age as of 2021 is just 18 years old.

Many believe that they haven’t seen too many 18-year-olds at that particular level pick up a side by the scruff of its neck and almost get them across the line.

He was born on June 21, 2003, in Australia and has been playing this sport since a very young age. He was inspired by his father to pursue his career in this sport.

Moreover, the athlete stands at a tall height of 183cm and weighs around 78 kg which makes him an explosive player in the league.

Jason Horne Francis Parents: Dad And Mom

Jason has not disclosed much about his parents, dad, mom, and family.

But it was revealed that he changed his name to Jason Horne-Francis, as a nod to the role of his step-dad and former AFL player Fabian Francis has played in his life.

The other members of his family still have not been introduced to the media. The player always talks about the support he gained from his family.

Coming to his relationship status, we are not sure if the player is dating or has a girlfriend. He is still focused on uplifting his career.

Meet Jason Horne Francis On Instagram

Surprisingly, Jason Horne is not available on Instagram as of now.

Matter of fact, he is nowhere to be found on social media sites. His stats and game results can only be found on sports pages.

Due to his absence on social media sites, it is quite difficult to have a look at his personal life and his activities.