Who Is Judge Elizabeth Scherer Husband? Everything To Know About The Equestrian Cum Judge

Judge Elizabeth Scherer was married to her husband, Anthony Mercer but she tends to keep her marital life away from the public. Even so, here’s what we know about her personal life matters!

Elizabeth Scherer is the Circuit Judge in Florida.

She is currently overlooking the trail of the accused Nikolas Cruz who had been charged with 17 counts of murders and casualties in a mass shooting back in 2018 in his high school.

On the Wednesday trial, Judge Scherer pronounced Cruz guilty of all the charges pressed against him.

The news has stormed off the global news as the 2018 school shooting had broken many hearts even as of today.

Meet Judge Elizabeth Scherer Husband

Judge Elizabeth Scherer’s current husband’s identity details, as well as his whereabouts, are not on display.

Although the judge is one of the most famous judges around the country, she has been able to keep her marital life surrounded with privacy; respecting her husband’s choice.

Meanwhile, she had gained notoriety for being married to her ex-husband, Anthony Mercer who prefers a private life away from the public eye.

To the surprise, the respectable judge’s former husband, Mr. Mercer was arrested for drug dealings.

He had been booked for “holding an ounce of cocaine, a pound of pot, and some prescription pills” back in 2009, per High Times.

Although the charges were dropped against Mr. Mercer, he then got divorced from Elizabeth.

To be precise, the arrest had played a big role in the divorce of the former couple.

Judge Elizabeth Scherer Age: How Old Is She?

Judge Elizabeth Scherer has not disclosed her exact age though she appears to be in her 40s by scanning through her pictures.

We will update this section as soon as we get any insiders on her age and other important personal life details very shortly.

Details On Parkland Shooting Case And Verdict

Judge Elizabeth Scherer has ruled the convict, Nikolas Cruz of all the 17 charges of murders and casualties from the 2018 Parkland shooting case in her final verdict.

The case had been pending till 2018 due to many factors including Nikolas’s age and his mental health condition.

Nikolas has apologized to his victims’ families and has requested a better chance in life with freedom.

Judge Scherer is headstrong about her verdict while the case will soon head to the sentencing phase of the trial.

Nikolas will be presented before a jury where the jurors will hear witness testimony and review pieces of evidence.

However, further proceedings will begin only on January 4, 2022, per NPR.