Who Is Justyna Socha? Everything You Need To Know

Find out if Justyna Socha is featured on Wikipedia? Socha is doing the 5th International Protest Against Compulsory Vaccination in June. Find out more in this article.

Justyna  Socha is the president of the National Association of Knowledge about Vaccinations “STOP NOP.

She is also a social activist and journalist of the Warsaw Gazeta i Zdrowia bez medicin.

She is one of those initiators of the Committee of the Civic Legislative Initiative “Safe Vaccinations” of the National Association of Knowledge about Vaccinations “STOP NOP.”

There has been news in public about Justyna Socha promoting the STOP NOP fundraiser by taking advantage of the boy’s death.

Details Of Justyna Socha

Justyna Socha was born on September 28 1976 in Poznań.

She hails from Poznan and holds the nationality of Poland.

A graduate of the Economic School Complex in Poznań. She started studying state administration at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań but interrupted her studies.

Until May 2019, she worked as an insurance agent, and she was also a social assistant to MP Paweł Skutecki.

Justyna Socha Facebook

Justyna Socha is active on Facebook.

Her recent Facebook post features the links of the death of Krzysztof Barański with vaccination against coronavirus.

Socha hasn’t provided evidence that the boy’s death was related to the vaccination. There is even no confirmation that the teenager was vaccinated.

Under the comment section of the post, not only a heated discussion flared up, but Krzysztof’s mother said to remove this post.

Socha downloaded the memory of Baranowski from the page of the 3rd High School in Sopot.

Justyna Socha Wikipedia

Justyna Socha is yet to have a page on Wikipedia.

She is a social activist whose biography has been covered by different media and articles.

Recently, Justyna has shared a photo of the deceased Krzysztof Barański online, linking his death with vaccinations.

In the post’s comment section, a woman who pretended to be the boy’s mother asked Justyna to delete the entry.