Who Is Jyoti Gondek Husband? Everything To Know About The Calgary Mayoral Candidate

Jyoti Gondek and her husband Todd have been living together for 25 years now. Keep reading the article to discover more about the Mayoral Candidate.

Jyoti Gondek is the first woman to serves as the Mayoral candidate in Calgary city’s history.

Jyoti thinks that only by working together and sharing the same vision can Calgary reach its full potential.

Further, Gondek also believes in the value of cross-sector collaborations between companies, non-profits, and educational institutions, and municipal governments.

Meet Jyoti Gondek Husband Todd

Jyoti Gondek and her loving husband Todd exchanged their wedding vows on July 20, 1996.

Before that, the couple was in a love relationship for quite some years. Todd, her husband, is a professional engineer who also enjoys playing the guitar.

Jyoti and Todd went to Alberta after the wedding, spent a brief time in Wainwright, and then settled in Calgary, where she started her new work.

Furthermore, the married duo has a daughter named Justice, who is now 16 years old.

Which Political Party Is Jyoti Gondek From?

Jyoti Gondek is the sole woman and does not stand from any political party.

On October 18, Gondek won the election and became the first woman in Calgary to be the Mayor.

The mayor-political elect’s career began in 2017 when she was elected to the city council as part of a group of four newcomers.

On Monday, she beat Jeff Davison and Jeromy Farkas, two of her fellow first-term councilors, for the position.


Jyoti Gondek Age And Nationality

Jyoti Gondek’s age is currently 52 years old, and she holds Canadian Nationality.

However, she was born in the UK to a Punjabi family who had immigrated from India.

Later, when she was four years old, she relocated to Manitoba with her family. As a result, after all these years in Canada, she has unquestionably acquired Canadian citizenship.

Jyoti Gondek Wikipedia Bio

Jyoti Gondek does not have a biography published on Wikipedia despite being a Canadian politician.

In Punjabi, Jyoti refers to light. She stands true to her name by bringing concerns to light and has a natural capacity to brighten up a space.

Jyoti’s leadership style is inclusive and courteous. She is a passionate community builder and diversity advocate who is committed to helping others.

Gondek explores partnerships and considers innovative solutions to challenges that affect Calgarians’ lives and livelihoods to get to the bottom of difficulties.

Similarly, she completed her high school in Brandon, and she earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba.

Also, Jyoti has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and criminology, a master’s degree in organizational sociology, and a Ph.D. in urban sociology.