Who is Kat Ruston? Learn Everything About The Actress

Kat Ruston has a biography on IMDb’s official website but not on Wikipedia. Yet, we have managed information from many sources to give a short introduction of the actress. 

Kat Ruston is an actress.

Kat portrays the role of Zuma in Syfy’s Van Helsing.

She is from Cebu City, Philippines.

Who is Kat Ruston? All About The Actress From Her Wikipedia Bio

Here is a short introduction to Kat Ruston.

Kat Ruston is an actress. She currently stays in Vancouver. However, Kat is not originally from Vancouver. She was born in Cebu City, Philippines

She had a mixed heritage. Kat shares blood with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish.

In 2005, Kat had attended an event in Las Vegas. It was related to acting and various talent search agents were presented. She had acquired a scholarship and booked a spot on The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Kat carried on with her studies at Vancouver Island University

She had decided that she would move to Vancouver. And in 2009, she relocated to Vancouver. Kat worked at a Lighting Department.

On Instagram, she is followed by 2k people. Kat is active on this platform. @therustykat is her handle.

How Old Is Kat Ruston? Age

Kat Ruston is 33 years old. The actress was born in 1988.

At age 17, Kat had attended a talent search program that was hosted in Las Vegas. There, she had obtained a scholarship to participate in The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

When she was 21 years, Kat Ruston had a striking move. Kat relocated to Vancouver. She was working in the Lighting Department.

Is Kat Ruston Seeing Anyone Right Now? If Yes, Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Kat Ruston has not made clear whether she is dating someone or is single.

What Is The Height Of Kat Ruston?

The height of Kat Ruston is 5 feet and 7 inches. 

Most Filipina women are short. But Kat has a unique bloodline.

She has Spanish blood running in her too. And due to this, Kat is quite tall.

On Kat Ruston’s Family

Kat Ruston has an extended family. She is of Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish descent.

However, there is not much information available on her family.

Net Worth Of Kat Ruston

Unluckily, to date, the net worth of Kat Ruston is not known.

There are no reports of her wealth.