Who Is Kyle Beach Girlfriend Bianca Guglielmotti? Meet Her On Instagram

he accuser of Brad Aldrich, Kyle Beach is together with his girlfriend Bianca Guglielmotti as they look set to make future plans.

It took some time but the actual fact eventually came out as Kyle Beach is confirmed to be the accuser of Brad Aldrich.

The incident made pretty big headlines and is still making it as a sexual assault case from 2010 gradually surfaced on the internet.

The ice hockey player Kyle Beach apparently was assaulted sexually by the former video coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, Brad Aldrich and now the charges are filed.

In the meantime, Beach is getting massive exposure as he is the main character of the incident.

As people are still keen on knowing the athlete completely, the attention has gradually shifted towards his girlfriend.

Who Is Kyle Beach Girlfriend Bianca Guglielmotti?

Kyle Beach’s girlfriend Bianca Guglielmotti is apparently a nurse as mentioned in her Twitter profile.

Although she doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter since 2012, she has mentioned being a nurse on her Twitter profile.

Talking about their relationship, Beach and Guglielmotti are thought to be together for at least 4-5 years.

While the details of their love story is still a topic to be explored, they seem to be quite enjoying the time together.

Several photos of them can be found on their Instagram accounts as well.

How Old Is Bianca Guglielmotti?

Guessing from her appearance, Bianca Guglielmotti’s age seems to be around 25- 35 years old.

The actual age and birthdate of the lady are still unavailable on the internet.

However, considering the fact that her boyfriend Kyle is 31 years old, we can expect Bianca to be in a similar age range as well.

Regardless, the actual details are yet to be disclosed to the public.

Meet Bianca Guglielmotti On Instagram

Bianca Guglielmotti can be found on Instagram under the handle @bianca.guglielmotti.

She has over 340 followers on the platform and has made over 1400 posts but she has kept her account private.

So, you will have to get accepted by the lady upon the following request to be able to see more of her pictures and get an idea of her life.

Are Kyle Beach And Bianca Guglielmotti Married?

No, despite being together for some time now, Kyle Beach and Bianca Guglielmotti are not married.

On the flip side, it does look like the couple might be thinking about tying the knot.

Kyle and Bianca seem to be spending a lot of time together and are seemingly happy in their relationship.

In fact, they might be engaged at this point as well, although the athlete has not revealed such details.

Hence, Bianca Guglielmotti is the soon-to-be wife of Kyle Beach considering their relationship as it seems.