Who Is Kylie Needham? Ben Quilty Wife or Girlfriend Name – Children

Let us meet Ben Quilty wife Kylie Needham. Here we have rounded up all about them.

Quilty is an Australian artist whose style of painting remains both high expressive and naturalistic. He is widely acclaimed for his artwork.

Quilty is happily married to his wife, Kylie Needham. They have a wonderful family of four. The pair has a new bond that keeps them together.

Who Is Kylie Needham?

Kylie Needham is a well-known writer for TV and film.

Before that, she is also recognized as the celebrity spouse of contemporary Australian artist Ben Quilty.

The rising writer has already won two Australian Writer’s Guild Awards. Moreover, she has also received one nomination in a major award.

A television scriptwriter, Needham has prolific writing credits for TV series including Secret and LiesCrowniesRush, and Offspring.

In addition to that, she was also part of the development and writing team for Fighting Season. Above all, she has substantial experience as a TV drama series writer for commercials and ABC.

As of now, she is currently writing an original feature screenplay. It s about the coming of age of an Aussie female artist named Bloom.

Ben Quilty Is Married To His Wife Kylie Needham For Some Years Now

Ben Quilty is living cherished life with his screenwriter wife, Kylie Needham.

The couple is the parents of two children named Joe, 12, and Olivia, 10. Interestingly, when Joe was an infant, Quilty depicted him crying while transformed into a hamburger.

Because the couple is married, we’re yet to confirm how long they have dated before marriage. Also, it is quite unsure how they met each other in person.

Other than his wife, there is no girlfriend name associated with the artist.

Ben Quilty Art Is Highly Expressive

Ben Quilty’s art is raw, which makes him unique and acceptable.

Since finding his love and having two children, Quilty has tempered growling violence fills in his canvasses.

With the bold and unsettling object in his paintings, he impresses audiences and catches everyone’s eyes. Well, Quilty deploys an impasto style of painting to his unique and exquisite arts.

Where Does He Live Now? Find His Whereabouts

Ben Quilty lives and works in Robertson, Australia.

He was born in 1973 and brought up in Kenthurst in Sydney’s North West.

The internationally acclaimed artist has garnered all sorts of attention through his thickly painted landscape arts and portraits.

Today, his works are showcased in the New South Wales Art gallery in Sydney, the University of Queensland Art Museum, and so on.