Who Is Larianna Jackson Tiktok? Video and Slap A Teacher Challenge Debacle

Larianna Jackson TikTok challenge video ‘Slap A Teacher landed her in prison. Here we have covered the vie challenge.

Jackson is an 18-year-old high school kid who is facing a felony charge and 10 years jail sentence. She was arrested for an alleged TikTok challenge after attacking a physically disabled teacher.

The Covington High School student will be prosecuted by 22nd Judicial District Court Judge Richard Swartz. This challenge follows the ‘devious lick’ trend where students stole and vandalized school property.

Who Is Larianna Jackson Tiktok?

Larianna Jackson is a high school teenager who hit the headlines for taking part in the TikTok challenge.

Well, it was a TikTok ‘Slap a Teacher’ challenge, where Larianna was seen slapping her physically disabled teacher in a classroom.

The 18-year-old student from Covington, Larrianna TikTok video has been taken by storm and faced several critics across social media.

She filmed attacking the teacher, which was a part of the mischievous TikTok challenge on her phone. Police reported that she assaulted a teacher after the dismissal of class.

Following the incident, the 64-year-old Covington High School teacher was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Later, the video was obtained by Covington police. Then, she was arrested on October 6th for attacking a disabled teacher.

St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Warren Montgomery made public that Louisianna has been charged with second-degree battery and cruelty to the infirmed.

Video and Slap A Teacher Challenge Debacle

TikTok video ‘Slap numerous social media users have slammed a Teacher’ challenge debacle.

In the video, captioned “This Covington fa ya,” she was seen conversing with the teacher before attacking her repeatedly.

The California Teacher Association has also dropped comments on the upcoming TikTok challenge on their Facebook group.

After getting her TikTok video viral across the internet, another student also filmed the attack, which also took the internet by pace.

People from all over the world have criticized her TikTok video giving several comments for this insane act.

The indecorous viral TikTok challenge video landed Larianna Jackson in jail.

Larianna Jackson Age Is Still In Teens

Larianna Jackson is 18 years of age.

With her age, she was born in the year 2002 or 2003. However, her actual date of birth is still behind the curtain.

Additionally, she hails from Covington, Louisianna, which makes her American by nationality.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Larianna Jackson has no rumors regarding her boyfriend.

So far now, Jackson has not revealed any details regarding her personal life and relationship status.

As far as we’re concerned, the 18-year-old culprit must be single.