Who is Luana Araujo? Everything To Know

Luana Araujo has not been able to get her bio on Wikipedia. What is her age? See more information about her here.

Luana is an infectious disease specialist who was allocated as the Extraordinary Department for Confronting Covid 19.

However, this specialist retreated from her position within the first 10 days, which has brought her fame and attracted the spotlight.

Araujo Salary And Earnings

Araujo has not given any information about her salary to the media or even on the internet yet.

However, being involved in the profession of specialist and doctor for such a long time has certainly helped her make lots of money.

Luana does not have social media accounts, making it difficult to know whether she has been living a very luxurious life.

Who Is Luana Araujo Husband?

No information about Dr. Luana’s husband is yet available.

Moreover, she has also not revealed her marital status or relationship status anywhere on the internet.

Luana Araujo Age: How Old Is The Doctor?

Luana Araujo age appears to be between 40-45 years old.

However, she seems much younger than that and has not revealed her actual date of birth.

But it is known that she is originally from Afamantina, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Moreover, she has also not revealed much information about his early days and childhood and has kept her family away from the general public.

Meet Luana Araujo On Wikipedia: Her Presence OnTwitter

Luana Araujo is not available on Wikipedia yet.

However, she has certainly been a sensation on the internet as this doctor is known to have always advocated mass vaccination.

Also, Luana has always criticized hydroxychloroquine for treating Covid-19 patients as no efficacy is available in this medicine.

From her Linkedin bio, we know that Dr. Luana is also a Public Health Consultant at World Bank.

Luana is not active on Twitter, but some other profiles have shared tweets related to her on Twitter.